Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00449)

See Scher's note on Diyarbakir 25

  • f. 1r-40r First Homily
  • f. 40r-48r About universal hope of the rational beings for God
  • f. 48v-49r How to deal with questions asked immoderately about God and his providence
  • f. 49r-51r On Divine nature
  • f. 51r-72v Questions on divine nature
  • f. 72v-81v Homily on divine nature
  • f. 81v-133r Dialogue between a master and a monk on Divine providence
  • f. 133r-141r On Providence
  • f. 141r-145r Examples from the Scriptures
  • f. 145r-177v More examples from the Scriptures
  • f. 177v-197r Epistle of faith
  • f. 197r-207v Questions
  • f. 207v-208r Against the heretics and in defence of the right belief
  • f. 208r-209r On an orthodox who joined the belief of the evil council of Chalcedon
  • f. 209r-211v Agains those who claim that the Mother of God ought to be called "Blessed Mary" and not "Mother of Christ"
  • f. 211v-219v Against those who confess two natures and one person in Christ
  • f. 219v-228r Against the Severians
  • f. 228r-229v Treatise on divine providence that is hidden from the rational beings
Manuscript Name: 
CCM 00449
Approximate Date: 
1300 CE
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