Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00425)

  • f. 1r-1v Colloquy of Moses on Mount Sinai (Garshuni)
  • f. 2v-8v Treatise on a guardian angel (Garshuni)
  • f. 9r-38r Turgame for feasts and commemorations of the liturgical year (Syriac)
    • On Nativity
    • The Virgin Mary
    • Epiphany
    • John the Baptist
    • Peter and Paul
    • Greek Doctors
    • Rogation of the Ninevites
    • Lazarus
    • Palm Sunday
    • Passover
    • Great Saturday
    • Easter
    • Sunday of the Confessors
    • New Sunday
    • Gregory the Martyr
    • Ascension
    • Pentecost
    • Transfiguration
    • Feast of the Cross
    • Dedication of the Church
    • Some of the Turgame are attributed to Khamis
  • f. 39r-43v Turgame for Weekdays (Syriac)
  • f. 44r-46r Rite of the preparation of the leaven (malka) (Syriac)
  • f. 46r-52v Evening prayers for weekday services (Syriac)
  • f. 53v-56v Dismissal Prayers (Syriac)
  • f. 57r-68v Gewargis Wardā, 'Onyatha on repentance (Syriac)
Manuscript Name: 
CCM 00425
Garshuni, Syriac
Approximate Date: 
1569 CE
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