Vat. sir. 251

  • Binding
  • f. 1v Index of Memre
  • f. 2r-3r Jacob of Sarug, [Memra]
  • f. 3r-4v Jacob of Sarug, Memra 9, On the Kingdom as Leaven (B 166)
  • f. 4v-6r Jacob of Sarug, [Memra]
  • f. 6v-10v Jacob of Sarug, [Memra]
  • f. 10v-13r Jacob of Sarug, [Memra on the Parable of the Ten Virgins]
  • f. 13r-15v Jacob of Sarug, Memra 19, On the Three Baptisms (B 57)
  • f. 15v-18r Jacob of Sarug, Memra 20, On Christ's Thirty Years (B 101)
  • f. 18r-21r Jacob of Sarug, Memra 21, On Christ as Food and Drink (B 18)


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