Vat. sir. 469

  • Binding
  • Table of the Sermons of Ephrem Syrus
  • f. 1v-123r Sermons of Ephrem Syrus
  • f. 123r-123v Colophon
  • f. 124r-132r Barhebraeus, Wonders of Creation
    • f. 124r-125r First day
    • f. 125r-125v Second day
    • f. 125v-127r Third day
    • f. 127r-128r Fourth day
    • f. 128r-130r Fifth day
    • f. 130r-132r Sixth day
  • f. 132v-151v Barhebraeus, Treatise on metals, taken from the crème of the sciences of Barhebraeus
    • f. 132v-136v Chapter 1
    • f. 136v-140r Chapter 2

Vat. sir. 467

  • Binding
  • f. 1v-222r Life of Yusuf Busnaya
  • f. 222r-223r Colophon
  • f. 223r-230v Hymn in honor of Yusuf Busnaya
  • f. 230v Prayer of the copyist
  • f. 230v-238v Narratives
    • f. 230v-232r The only son of a woman of Tagrit drowned in the Tigris and is saved on account of his mother's alms
    • f. 232r-234v Parable of the three friends (Story of Barlaam and Joasaph)
    • f. 234v-237r Mar Babai Nesibnaye and the sinner
    • f. 237r-238v Concerning the monk Serapion [Manuscript mutilated at the end]
  • Binding

Vat. sir. 464 pt. 1

  • Binding
  • IIr-IIIr French Table of Contents
  • f. 1r Fragment of a homily 
  • f. 1v-3r Syriac Table of Contents
  • f. 3v-19r Ephrem Syrus, Memre
    • f. 3v-6r On the Love of Wisdom
    • f. 6r-9v On Discipline
    • f. 9v-10v On Sleep
    • f. 11r-16r On Humility
    • f. 16r 19r On the Observance of Moral Behavior
  • f. 19r-45v Works of Mar Isaac
    • f. 19r-21v On Penitence
    • f. 21v-26v On Gentleness toward one's Brothers
    • f. 26v-37v On Sparrows
    • f. 37v-43v On Humility and Poverty


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