Vat. sir. 598

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  • Synodicon Orientale
    • f. 1r Note about manuscript
    • f. 1v-14r Synod of Mar Isaac 
    • f. 14r-18r Synod of Mar Yahballaha 
    • f. 18r- 25v Synod of Mar Dadisho' 
    • f. 25v-31v Synod of Mar Acacius [Aqaq] 
    • f. 31v-34v The four letters of Barsawma of Nisibis
    • f. 34v-39r Synod of Mar Babai
    • f. 39r-55v Synod of Mar Aba
    • f. 56r-66v Synod of Mar Joseph
    • f. 66v-82v Synod of Mar Ezekiel
    • f. 82v-132v Synod of Mar Isho'yahb
    • f. 132v-135r Synod of Mar Sabrisho'

Vat. sir. 596

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  • f. 1r-53v Jacob of Edessa, Commentary on the Old Testament
    • f. 1r-20r Genesis
    • f. 20v-32r Exodus
    • f. 32r-39v Leviticus
    • f. 39v-42v Numbers (f. 41rv lacuna)
    • f. 42v-47r Deuteronomy
    • f. 47v-50v Job
    • f. 51r-52r Joshua
    • f. 52v-53v Judges
  • f. 53v-66r Exlanation of difficult Old Testament passages (Ephrem, Jacob, and others) 
  • f. 66r Colophon
  • f. 66v-79r Explanations of various subjects attributed to different authors
  • f. 79v-81v Teaching of the Twelve Apostles

Vat. sir. 594

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  • f. 1v-7r Narsai, On David and Saul
  • f. 7r-10v Narsai, On Solomon
  • f. 10v-14r Narsai, On the parable of the wheat and tares
  • f. 14r-18v Narsai, On the prodigal son
  • f. 18v-23v Narsai, On Perfection
  • f. 23v-29v Narsai, On Enoch and Elijah
  • f. 29r-33v Narsai, On Isaiah's vision of the seraphim
  • f. 33v-38r Narsai, On humility
  • f. 38r-39v Narsai, On the martyrs
  • f. 40r-45r Narsai, On the parable of the wine grower
  • f. 45r-52r Narsai, On the antichrist

Vat. sir. 588

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  • f. 1v-6r Narsai, Nativity (N4)
  • f. 6r-11v Narsai, Virgin Mary (N5)
  • f. 12r-17r Narsai, Epiphany (N6)
  • f. 17r-22r Narsai, John the Baptist (N7)
  • f. 22r-27r Narsai, Four Evangelists (N9)
  • f. 27r-32r Narsai, Temptation of Christ (N21)
  • f. 32r-37r Narsai, Week before Palm Sunday (N28)
  • f. 27v-40r Narsai, Palm Sunday (N29)
  • f. 40r-44r Narsai, Passion (N36)
  • f. 44r-47v Narsai, Resurrection (N40)
  • f. 47v-51v Narsai, Ascension (N45)
  • f. 51v-55v Narsai, Dedication of the Church (N56)

Vat. sir. 584

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  • f. 1v-56v History of Rabban bar 'Idta by Abraham of Zabe
  • f. 56v Colophon by the copyist Joseph Abuna, son of Thomas, son of fire, the deacon of Sifa, son of priest Peter, residents of Alqos, who finished this transciption the 20th of Adar, 1899, in the eays of Pope Leon (XIII) and of Mar 'Abdiso, catholicos and patriarch of the east
  • f. 60v-64r varia on the Yazidi (the country on Sigar, customs and diverse prohibitions, the messiah)
  • f. 64v-96v Beliefs and customs of the Yazidi, on the form of questions and responses

Vat. sir. 578

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  • f. 1r-6v Anonymous, Commentary on Genesis
  • f. 7r-29r Anonymous, Commentary on Exodus
  • f. 29r-41r Anonymous, Commentary on Leviticus
  • f. 41r-59v Anonymous, Commentary on Numbers
  • f. 59v-80r Anonymous, Commentary on Deuteronomy
  • f. 80v-96v Anonymous, Commentary on Wisdom of Solomon
  • f. 96v-101r Anonymous, Commentary on Ecclesiastes
  • f. 101v-103r Anonymous, Commentary on Ruth
  • f. 103r-104v Anonymous, Commentary on Song of Solomon
  • f. 104v-114r Anonymous, Commentary on Ben Sira

Vat. sir. 556

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  • f. 1v-2v Dedication
  • f. 2v-253r Gospel Lectionary
  • f. 253r-254v In memory of John of the monastery of Busnaya
  • f. 254v-255r Burial of the deacons
  • f. 255r-255v burial of men and children
  • f. 255v-256r Item for women
  • f. 256r-256v Lists of feasts and circumstances, and references to pericope to read at this occasion
  • f. 256v Note, dated to 1729
  • f. 257 Garshuni, prayer
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Vat. sir. 544

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  • f. 1r-4v Various pieces in diverse hands
  • f. 5r-9r Ba'utha of Mar Ephrem
  • f. 9v-12v Ba'utha of Jacob of Sarug (Armenian in Syriac Script)
  • f. 13r-14v Prayers
  • f. 15r-17v Excerpts form Jacob of Sarug and Mar Ephrem
  • f. 17v-19v Verses for the celebrations before the Gospel
  • f. 19v-20v Ba'utha of Jacob of Sarug
  • f. 20v-24v Table of incipits
  • f. 25r-33v Ba'utha of Jacob of Sarug
  • f. 34r-34v Prayer
  • f. 34v-96r Shhimo
  • f. 96r-107r Prayers for Various Circumstances

Vat. sir. 540

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  • f. 1v-8v Table of Liturgical Readings
  • f. 9r-10r Decorative front spaces
  • f. 10v-290r Peshitta Gospels
    • f. 10v-86v Matthew
    • f. 86v-131v Mark
    • f. 132v-222v Luke
    • f. 223v-290r John
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