Homilies of Jacob of Serugh

Ecclesiastical Affiliation

Syriac Orthodox


5th-6th Centuries (451-521)

Reference Works

GEDSH 433-435

BHO 413-414


Jacob’s corpus of homilies is the largest in the Syriac tradition. Akhrass (2015) identifies over four hundred. There are nearly two hundred modern editions and translations of his works. I am engaged on another project to make a full listing of these, along with detailed information about their presence in manuscripts. Here I have listed only the largest collections and some critical editions. 

Metrical Homilies

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Bedjan, Paul, and Sebastian P. Brock, eds. Homilies of Mar Jacob of Sarug. 6 vols. Piscataway: Gorgias Press, 2006. Volume 6 contains four homilies in addition to those included in Bedjan's other publications.

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Prose Homilies

Zingerle, Pius, trans. Sechs Homilien des hieiligen Jacob von Sarug. Bonn, 1867. [Available from archive.org here]

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Further Bibliography and Notes
Guide to Manuscripts

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Guides to Homilies

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Syri.ac has a list of his homilies according to the Bedjan volumes with link sto individual homilies here.