Harvard MS Syr 47

​Catalog Entry

  • Bound at an early date with a manuscript of theological texts (ff. 1-160)
  • Canons by Mar Yoḥanan the bishop on the holy mysteries (ff.161r-162r)
  • Scholion of Jacob of Edessa on the communion (162r-163v)
  • Commentary on the creed and baptism by Dionysius bar Ṣalibi (163v-168v)
  • An account of the faith and the cross and the other mysteries one by one (168v-177r)
  • The holy and life-giving mysteries of the holy chrism (177r-187r)
  • The hidden mystery concerning baptism (187r-203v)
  • On the making of olive oil for chrism (203v-204v)
  • Various short sections in different hands (205-207)
Manuscript Name: 
Harvard MS Syr 47
Approximate Date: 
1400 CE
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