Harvard Ms Syr 122

Catalog entry

  • John of Dara
    • ff. 2v-18v Commentary on ps-Dionysius the Areopagite, on the celestial hierarchy, in 16 chapters
    • ff. 18v-40r Commentary on ps-Dionysius, on the the ecclesiastical hierarchy, in 6 chapters
    • ff. 40r-66v On priesthood, in 4 memre of 8, 18, 2 and 13 chapters
    • ff. 66v-159r On the resurrection of human bodies, in 11, 15, 8 and 24 chapters
    • ff. 159v-182r On the eucharist
    • ff. 182v-183r Biblical scholia, lacking red headings and unfinished
    • ff. 184v Colophon in Karshuni
    • ff. 185r Colophon in Syriac 
Manuscript Name: 
Harvard Ms Syr 122
Approximate Date: 
1899 CE
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