Diyarbakir, Turkey Meryem Ana Kilisesi 99; 8/19 (DIYR 00229)

  • Prayer for the new vessels offered by the faithful
  • Service before the mass
  • Prayer for the benediction of the bread
  • Readings
  • Anaphora of James, the brother of the Lord
  • Shorter Anaphora of Simon Peter
  • Anaphora of John the Evangelist
  • Anaphora of Mark the Evangelist
  • Anaphora of Eustathius of Antioch
  • Anaphora of Xystus of Rome
  • Anaphora of Proclus of Byzantium
  • Anaphora of the Twelve Aposltes
  • Anaphora of Dionysius bar Ṣalibi
  • Anaphora of Matthew the Pastor
  • Anaphora of John bar Shushan
Manuscript Name: 
DIYR 00229
Approximate Date: 
1477 CE
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