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*The Approximate Date column is derived from the best available information for the manuscript. This is not asserted as a scholarly position on the dating of the manuscript. Instead, it is merely used here for the convenience of being able to sort all manuscripts by numerical date. The user should keep in mind that there may be considerable debate over the precise dating of the manuscript and should consult the manuscript repository and relevant scholarly literature for details.

Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Mingana Syriac 10 1,300 CE Syriac

See the catalog entry for Mingana 10

  • Gospels according to the Harklean Version
    • f. 1v-30v Matthew
    • f. 31r-75r Mark
    • f. 75v-136r Luke
Mingana Syriac 11 1,702 CE Syriac

See the catalog entry for Mingana 11

  • f. 1v-58r I-II Chronicles
  • f. 58r-58v Susanna
  • f. 58v-61v Judith
  • f. 62v-98v The Cave of Treasures
  • f. 98v-102r The book of the questions of St. Peter or Simon Cephas on the Sacraments (Baptism and Eucharist)
  • f. 102r-104v The prayer of Ezra to God, and his vision, while in the desert with his disciple Carpus
  • f. 104v-105r Short treatise (anonymous) giving the number of years that elapsed from Adam to Christ, and from Christ to the beginning of the Kingdom of the Arabs
  • f. 105r-108r The history of the Indian Mission to the Nestorian Patriarch in the town of Jazīrat b. 'Umar, and the letter sent to him from Indian by the bishops whom he had dispatched to that country
Mingana Syriac 112 1,905 CE Syriac

See the catalog entry for Mingana 112

  • Moshe bar Kepha
    • f. 1v Annunciation of Zechariah
    • f. 7r Annunciation of the Virgin
    • f. 10v Birth of John the Baptist
    • f. 14v Birth of Christ (followed by a special dissertation in eighteen kephalia)
    • f. 24v Visit of the Magi
    • f. 31v Holy Innocents
    • f. 34r Epiphany (in 17 kephalia)
    • f. 44v Circumcision (in 14 kephalia)
    • f. 50r Presentation in the Temple
    • f. 51r Christ and Jonah
    • f. 51v Cause of Sunday
    • f. 52v Temptation of Christ
    • f. 54v The wood of the Cross
  • f. 55r The history of Mushe bar Kepha
  • Moshe bar Kepha
    • f. 55v On the fast (in 20 kephalia)
    • f. 63v The leper of the Gospel
    • f. 65v On Melchizedek
    • f. 68r On Lazarus
    • f. 70v Palm Sunday (in 33 kephalia)
    • f. 80v The Eucharist (in 29 kephalia)
    • f. 88v The washing of the feet (in 16 kephalia)
  • f. 92r-107v Isho' bar Abraham bar Elijah of Melitene (Nephew of Michael I the Great), A treatise on Good Friday (in 51 kephalia)
  • Moshe bar Kepha
    • f. 107v The resurrection (in 30 kephalia)
    • f. 117v Friday of the Confessors (in 6 kephalia)
    • f. 118r The first Sunday after Easter (in 11 kephalia)
    • f. 121v Ascension (in 20 kephalia)
    • f. 124v Pentecost (in 19 kephalia, followed by another homily on the same subject)
    • f. 134v The transfiguration
    • f. 137r The decease of the Virgin
    • f. 138v Finding the True Cross (in 21 kephalia)
    • f. 148v Brazen Censer (with a quotation from Gregory Nazianzus)
    • f. 149r Consecration and dedication of the Church
    • f. 150r Baptism in general
    • f. 155r Advices concerning Baptism (in 10 kephalia)
    • f. 159v Explanation of the Liturgy 
    • f. 191r Holy Chrism (in 49 kephalia)
  • f. 202r-203r Rabban Daniel, A treatise on the difference between Holy Chrism and Eucharist
  • f. 203r Mushe bar Kepha, Another on Holy Chrism
  • f. 206v Tonsure of Monks (in 10 kephalia)
Mingana Syriac 124 1,665 CE Syriac

See the catalog entry for Mingana 124

  • f. 1-12r List of lections from the Gospels to be read in the West Syrian Church liturgy
  • f. 12r-13v The letter of Eusebius to Carpianus concerning the Canons of the Gospels and the Ammonian sections
  • f. 14r-18v The list of the Canons of Eusebius
  • f. 19r-261v The four gospels (Harklean version)
    • f.19r-89r Gospel of Matthew (Harklean version)
    • f. 89v-141v Gospel of Mark (Harklean version)
    • f. 142r-220r Gospel of Luke (Harklean version)
    • f. 220v-261v Gospel of John (Harklean version)
Mingana Syriac 148 1,613 CE Syriac

See the catalog entry for Mingana 148

  • f. 1v-2v, 5, 7r-13v Moses Karkhāya (from Karkha of Pīrūz), Genealogies
  • f. 3v-4, 6r-7r A treatise containing a short history of each of the twelve Apostles and seventy disciples
  • f. 3 Names of eleven magi who brought offerings to Christ
  • f. 13v-328r New Testament (Peshitta Version, containing East Syrian Massora) 
    • f. 13v-53v Matthew
    • f. 53v-79r Mark
    • f. 79r-122v Luke
    • f. 122v-160r John
    • f. 160r-225r Acts and Catholic Epistles
    • f. 225v-327v Pauline Epistles
  • f. 328r-331v Eusebius of Caesarea, Treatise in which is the history and martyrdom of each of the twelve Apostles and each of the seventy Disciples
  • f. 332 List of the letters of the alphabet of St. Ephrem, Narsai, Simon Magus, Bardaisan, and the nine Indian letters
Mingana Syriac 254 1,600 CE Syriac

See the catalog entry for Mingana 254

  • The liturgy of the West Syrian writer, Maphrian 'Abd al-Ghani
Mingana Syriac 343 1,350 CE Syriac

See the catalog entry for Mingana 343

  • f. 1-93r, 103v-242v The Commentary of Dionysius Barsalibi on the whole of the New Testament with the exception of the Gospels
    • f. 1v-71v The Acts
    • f. 72r-77v Epistle of St. James
    • f. 78r-81v 1 Peter (incomplete at the end)
    • f. 82-83 [blank]
    • f. 84-86r 2 Peter (incomplete at the beginning)
    • f. 86v-89v 1 John
    • f. 89v-90r 2 John
    • f. 90v-91r 3 John
    • f. 91r-93r Jude
    • f. 103v-242v The Pauline Epistles
  • f. 94r-103v Euthalius, A work containing the life of St. Paul and the division of the Pauline Epistles into chapters
Mingana Syriac 42 835 CE Syriac

See catalog entry for Mingana 42

  • f. 1-6r Index of lessons from the New Testament to be recited on some specified festivals
  • f. 6v-7r Additional lessons for the commemoration of the dead from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-23
  • f. 7v A spheric diagram showing the day and month of a given year of the Greeks
  • f. 8r An inscription by an owner
  • f. 8v-52r Matthew (Harklean version)
  • f. 52v-80r Mark (Harklean version)
  • f. 80v-133r Luke (Harklean version)
  • f. 133v-173v John (Harklean version)
  • f. 174r Picture of an unidentified saint
  • f. 174v-178v Epistle of St. James (Harklean version)
  • f. 178v-182r 2 Timothy (Harklean version)
  • f. 182v A quotation from the Epistle of Hebrews (Harklean version)
Mingana Syriac 5 1,479 CE Syriac

See the catalog entry for Mingana 5

  • f. 1-18v The Vision of Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria, on the flight of our Lord into Egypt and His mode of life in that country.
  • f. 18v-26v The Gospel of the Infancy
  • f. 26v-77r The book of the death of the Virgin
  • f. 77r-101r A supplementary work on the death and Assumption of the Virgin
  • f. 101r-116r Timothy of Gargar, Mimra on the death of the Virgin
Mingana Syriac 525 1,898 CE Syriac

See catalog entry for Mingana 525

  • Dionysius Bar Salibi​
    • f. 1v-22v Commentary on Acts
    • f. 23r-27r Commentary on James
    • f. 27r-30v Commentary on 1 Peter (According to the Harklean version)
    • f. 30v-34v Commentary on 2 Peter (According to the Harklean version)
    • f. 32r-34v Commentary on 1 John 
    • f. 34v Commentary on 2 John
    • f. 34v-36r Commentary on Jude
    • f. 36r-146r Commentary on the Pauline Epistles