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*The Approximate Date column is derived from the best available information for the manuscript. This is not asserted as a scholarly position on the dating of the manuscript. Instead, it is merely used here for the convenience of being able to sort all manuscripts by numerical date. The user should keep in mind that there may be considerable debate over the precise dating of the manuscript and should consult the manuscript repository and relevant scholarly literature for details.

Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Coptic Catholic Patriarchate 9-1 1,733 CE Syriac

See entry at CPART and in Macomber

  • f. 5a-122a Maronite Church missal
    • f. 5r-38v The rite of the mass (Syriac and Garshuni)
    • f. 38v-68r The Anaphora of St. Peter (Syriac and Garshuni)
    • f. 68r-78r The Anaphora of the Twelve Apostles (Syriac and Garshuni)
    • f. 78v-88r The Anaphora of St. Xystus, Pope of Rome (Syriac and Garshuni)
    • f. 88v-100r The Anaphora of the holy St. Eustathius, Patriarch of Antioch (Syriac and Garshuni)
    • f. 100v-108v Prayers of preparation of the priest for the offering of the divine mysteries (Garshuni)
    • f. 109r-112 Prayers of thanksgiving that the priest prays after the mass (Garshuni)
    • f. 112r-116v Concerning the preparation of the priest for mass and concerning the meditations that are incumbent on him (Garshuni)
    • f. 116v-118r The rite of the blessed water (i.e. the rite for blessing the water) that is placed in churches and in houses (Garshuni)
    • f. 118rv Prayer that the priest says when he wants to place a host on the paten for the repose of the dead (Garshuni)
    • f. 118v-119r Prayer that the priest says when he blesses the candels on the feastday of the Entry of Christ into the Temple (Garshuni)
    • f. 119r-121r Prayers that are said in the pontifical mass (Syriac)
    • f. 121a-122a Concluding prayer said at the end of the mass (Garshuni)