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*The Approximate Date column is derived from the best available information for the manuscript. This is not asserted as a scholarly position on the dating of the manuscript. Instead, it is merely used here for the convenience of being able to sort all manuscripts by numerical date. The user should keep in mind that there may be considerable debate over the precise dating of the manuscript and should consult the manuscript repository and relevant scholarly literature for details.

Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
BnF syr. 344 1,500 CE Armenian, Syriac

See catalogue entry here; Paintings with legends in Syriac and Armenian 

  • f. 1v The angel, Gabriel, Mary, and the Holy Spirit at the Annunciation
  • f. 2r The Virgin, the creche, two animal heads; the magi; two angels. The departure for Egypt?
  • f. 2v The presentation at the temple. The old man Simeon and four persons
  • f. 3r The resurrection of Lazarus– f. 3v The entrance into Jerusalem, the day of palms
  • f. 3bis. The baptism of Christ in the Jordan and the transfiguration
  • f. 4 Jesus washing the feet of Peter with the other disciples present. Jesus and the two thieves on the cross
  • f. 5 Joseph and Nicodemus burying Christ. Jesus went to find Adam and the just in those in limbo and pierce the dragon
  • f. 6 Resurrection – Ascension
  • f. 7 Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles– the Triumph of the cross, punishments for sinners
  • f. 8 Christ on the chariot of the Cherubim, Paradise – Matthew and Mark
  • f. 9 Luke and John
BnF syr. 40 1,190 CE Syriac

See catalog entry here

  • Four Gospels (Peshitta) preceded by an index of lessons
BnF syr. 27 1,084 CE Syriac

See catalog entry here

  • f. 1r-93r 2 Kings (Syrohexapla) preceded by the commentary of John Chrysostom
  • f. 93v-149v The book of Daniel according to the revision of Jacob of Edessa
BnF syr. 429 1,569 CE Syriac
  • f. 1-107v Acts of the Apostles and Catholic Epistles
    • f. 1-75r Acts of the Apostles
    • f. 75v-82r James
    • f. 83v-90r 1 Peter
    • f. 90v-95v 2 Peter
    • f. 96r-103r 1 John
    • f. 103v-104r 2 John
    • f. 104v-105r 3 John
    • f. 105v-107v Jude
  • f. 108v-273r Epistles of St. Paul
    • f. 108v-138r Romans
    • f. 138v-176v 1 Corinthians
    • f. 168r-188r 2 Corinthians
    • f. 188v-198v Galatians
    • f. 199r-209r Ephesians
    • f. 209v-216v Philippians
    • f. 217r-233v Colossians
    • f. 224r-229v 1 Thessalonians
    • f. 230r-233r 2 Thessalonians
    • f. 233v-241r 1 Timothy
    • f. 241v-246v 2 Timothy
    • f. 247r-250r Titus
    • f. 250v-251v Philemon
    • f. 252r-273r Hebrews
BnF syr. 33 500 CE Syriac

See catalog entry here

  • Eusebian Tables
  • Four Gospels
BnF hebr. 1317 1,653 CE Syriac in Hebrew Script

Part 1 of two volumes

  • f. 1r Title page in Latin
  • f. 2r-56r Genesis
  • f. 57r-103r Exodus
  • f. 104r-139r Leviticus
  • f. 136r-176r Numbers 
  • f. 177r-217r Deuteronomy
  • f. 218r-247r Joshua
  • f. 248r-274r Judges
  • f. 275r-278r Ruth
  • f. 279r-315r 1 Samuel
  • f. 315r-345r 2 Samuel
  • f. 346r-381r 1 Kings
  • f. 382r-412r 2 Kings
  • f. 413r-446r 1 Chronicles
  • f. 447r-482r 2 Chronicles
  • f. 483r-495r Ezra
  • f. 495r-512r Nehemiah
  • f. 513r-521r Esther
BnF hebr. 1318 1,587 CE Syriac in Hebrew Script

Syriac Old Testament in Hebrew Letters, Volume 2 of 2

  • f. 1r-23r Proverbs
  • f. 23r-29r Ecclesiastes
  • f. 30v-84v Isaiah
  • f. 84v-145v Jeremiah
  • f. 146r-196r Ezekiel
  • f. 197r-213r Daniel
  • f. 215v-227v Hosea
  • f. 228r-230v Joel
  • f. 231r-239v Amos
  • f. 239v-242r Obadiah
  • f. 242r-244v Jonah
  • f. 244v-250v Micah
  • f. 250v-252v Nahum
  • f. 252v-256r Habakkuk
  • f. 256r-259v Zephaniah
  • f. 259v-261v Haggai
  • f. 261v-271v Zachariah
  • f. 271v-273 Malachi (incomplete. Ends at 4:6)
  • f. 282r-299r Notes
  • f. 299r Colophon
BnF syr. 341 600 CE Syriac

Peshitta Old and portions of the New Testament; See the catalog entry here


BnF syr. 431 1,823 CE Syriac

Syriac Peshitta Pentateuch

BnF syr. 54 1,192 CE Syriac

See catalog entry here

  • Four Gospels (Harklean version)