Coptic Catholic Patriarchate 9-1

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  • f. 5a-122a Maronite Church missal
    • f. 5r-38v The rite of the mass (Syriac and Garshuni)
    • f. 38v-68r The Anaphora of St. Peter (Syriac and Garshuni)
    • f. 68r-78r The Anaphora of the Twelve Apostles (Syriac and Garshuni)
    • f. 78v-88r The Anaphora of St. Xystus, Pope of Rome (Syriac and Garshuni)
    • f. 88v-100r The Anaphora of the holy St. Eustathius, Patriarch of Antioch (Syriac and Garshuni)
    • f. 100v-108v Prayers of preparation of the priest for the offering of the divine mysteries (Garshuni)
    • f. 109r-112 Prayers of thanksgiving that the priest prays after the mass (Garshuni)
    • f. 112r-116v Concerning the preparation of the priest for mass and concerning the meditations that are incumbent on him (Garshuni)
    • f. 116v-118r The rite of the blessed water (i.e. the rite for blessing the water) that is placed in churches and in houses (Garshuni)
    • f. 118rv Prayer that the priest says when he wants to place a host on the paten for the repose of the dead (Garshuni)
    • f. 118v-119r Prayer that the priest says when he blesses the candels on the feastday of the Entry of Christ into the Temple (Garshuni)
    • f. 119r-121r Prayers that are said in the pontifical mass (Syriac)
    • f. 121a-122a Concluding prayer said at the end of the mass (Garshuni)
Manuscript Name: 
CCP 9-1
Approximate Date: 
1733 CE
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