Borg. sir. 79

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  • f. 1v-223r Works of Mar Narsai
    • f. 1v-15v On the Divine Revelation to Patriarchs and Prophets (I)
    • f. 15v-29v On the Divine Revelation to Patriarchs and Prophets (II)
    • f. 29v-37v On the Nativity
    • f. 37v-39r Sogitha on Mary and the Magi
    • f. 39r-48v On the Virgin Mary
    • f. 48v-50v Sogitha on Mary and the Angel
    • f. 50v-59v On Epiphany
    • f. 59v-61r Sogitha on Jesus and John the Baptist
    • f. 61r-69v On John the Baptist
    • f. 69v-71r Sogitha on John and the Multitude
    • f. 71r-82v On Peter and Paul
    • f. 82v-90r On the Four Evangelists
    • f. 90v-95r On Stephen
    • f. 95r-108r On the Three Doctors
    • f. 108r-109v Sogitha on Cyril and Nestorius
    • f. 109v-117r On Lent I
    • f. 117r-125v On the Temptation of Christ
    • f. 125v-127v Sogitha on Cain and Abel
    • f. 127v-136r On the Raising of Lazarus
    • f. 136v-143 Against the Jews
    • f. 143v-148r On Palm Sunday
    • f. 149v-156v On Holy Week
    • f. 156v-162v On the Passion
    • f. 163r-170r On the Repentant Thief
    • f. 170r-178v On Mysteries and Baptism
    • f. 178v-184v On the Resurrection
    • f. 184v-194v On the confessors
    • f. 194v-196r Sogitha on the King (of Persia) and the Martyrs 
    • f. 196r-203v On the Three Children
    • f. 203v-210r On the Ascension
    • f. 210v-217r On Pentecost
    • f. 217r-223r On the Incarnation of Christ
  • f. 223v-224r Colophon
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Manuscript Name: 
Borg. sir. 79
Approximate Date: 
1883 CE
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