Borg. sir. 57

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  • Episcopal¬†Ceremonies according to the West-Syrian Rite
    • Consecration of the oils
    • Consecration of the church
    • Renewal of a church
    • Consecration of the altar
    • Various prayers for the laying on of hands
    • Rite of the laying on of hands upon the Psalter-readers and lectors, sub-deacons, deacons, priests, archdeacons, Chorbishops, patriarchs, metropolitans and Bishops
    • Three rites of baptism
    • Order of the taking up of the monastic habit
    • Homily (Turgama) of Moses bar Kepha
    • Order of the taking up of the monastic habit for women
    • Benediction over the waters for the day of Epiphany
    • Benediction of the palms
    • Various rites to do during holy week, the week of Easter and the Sunday of Pentecost
    • Prayers to recite over the apostate
    • Benediction over sacred linens, on images, on statues, etc.
    • Rite of baptism by Bar 'Ebroyo
    • Rite of extreme unction
    • Funeral rites
Manuscript Name: 
Borg. sir. 57
Approximate Date: 
1686 CE
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