BnF syr. 366

  • Scholi of Theodore bar Koni
    • f. 1v-2v Introduction
    • f. 2v-16r First Memra
    • f. 16r-39v Second Memra
    • f. 39v-75v Third Memra
    • f. 75v-92v Fourth Memra
    • f. 92v-105v Fifth Memra
    • f. 105v-120r Sixth Memra
    • f. 120v-141v Seventh Memra
    • f. 141v-166r Eighth Memra
    • f. 166r-174r Ninth Memra
    • f. 174r ff. Tenth Memra and Eleventh Memra (The end of the 10th and beginning of 11th are in the lacuna between folios 187-188)
Manuscript Name: 
BnF syr. 366
Approximate Date: 
1000 CE
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