BnF syr. 25

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  • f. 1-99r Psalms (Peshitta)
  • f. 99v-103r The first song of Moses, the song of Isaiah, and the second and third songs of Moses (Peshitta)
  • f. 103v-217r Order of the Hudra for the days of the week.
  • f. 217v-226r Office for the feast of St. Thomas
  • f. 226v-249r General office for the day of the Commemoration of the venerable Mary, Mother of God
  • f. 249v-250 On the governance of the Holy Church
  • f. 251 On the chastity of priests
  • f. 252-273r Order and canons which one recites on the feast of the Nativity
  • f. 273v-276r Order for the consecration of the scapular of the Carmelites
  • f. 276v-277 Ecclesiastical calendar
  • f. 278 ff. Manual of priests with all the prayers used in ecclesiastical functions
Manuscript Name: 
BnF syr. 25
Approximate Date: 
1700 CE
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