BnF syr. 236

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  • f. 1-8r History of St. Anthony
  • f. 8v-20 History of St. Macarius the Great
  • f. 21-32 History of Bishoy
  • f. 33-39r History of Shenoude
  • f. 39v-54r History of Pachomius
  • f. 54v-85 History of Ss. Maximus and Domitius
  • f. 86-111 History of Malchus, of Clysma
  • f. 112-144 History of John, son of Zebedee, by Eusebius
  • f. 145-156 History of Xenophon, of his wife, Mary and of his sons, John and Arcadius
  • f. 157-183r History of Antigone and his wife, Euphraxia, and of their daughter Euphraxia
  • f. 183v-194r History of John Calybite
  • f. 194v-236r History of Serapion
  • f. 236v-273 History of the image which the Jews made at Tiberius, by Philotheus
  • f. 274-289 History of Archelides
  • f. 290-300 Martyrdom of James Intercissus
  • f. 301-327 History of Cyriac and of his mother Juliette
  • f. 328-337r History of Zosiumus and of the Rechabites
  • f. 337v-342 History of Peter the Publican
  • f. 343-348 History of Princess Onesima
  • f. 349-350r History of a Peter of the desert
  • f. 350v-351r History of another Peter of the desert
  • f. 351v-352 History of another Peter of the desert
  • f. 353-354 History of two brothers who lived in a monastery in Persia
  • f. 355-357r History of Paphnutius the spiritual merchant
  • f. 357v-359r History of a monk who had nine virtues
  • f. 359v-360 History of Ammon
  • f. 361ff. History of a secular person of Antioch
Manuscript Name: 
BnF syr. 236
Approximate Date: 
1194 CE
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