Research Resources for Christian Arabic Studies

I am happy to announce that has grown to include a section dedicated to research resources on Christian Arabic studies, a field closely intertwined with Syriac Studies. Christian Arabic literature is indispensable for the study of the medieval and modern Middle East as well as for the history and theology of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. However, over 90% of Christian Arabic Literature has not been explored. We hope that this website can help guide both well-seasoned and junior scholars in their research on Christian Arabic materials.   

You can find links to pages on Tools of Research, Manuscripts and Manuscript Catalogues, and Additional Bibliography by following the link, This section of the site is also linked in the top menu of the site under “Christian Arabic.”  We hope to expand the research resources for Christian Arabic Studies available on  Keep your eyes out for future announcements and new sections.

We thank Prof. Alexander Treiger for helping us develop the content for this section of the site.  Editorial work is being carried out by Dina Boero, with the support of Scott Johnson, Jack Tannous, and Morgan Reed. 

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