New Chronicles of Bar Hebraeus Page

I am excited to announce that our new "Chronicles of Bar Hebraeus" page has gone live at It is found in the menu of links between "Councils and Canon Law" and "Chronicles and Hagiography".

Bar Hebraeus (1226–86) wrote two major Chronicles (the Chronicon Syriacum and the Ecclesiastical History) covering the history of the world and the history of the church. After his death, others took up his labors and the histories stretch into the 16th century. His works are available in Syriac and Latin in the public domain and our new Chronicles of Bar Hebraeus page breaks each work down by paragraph, creating a robust table of contents with hyperlinks to a corresponding page of Syriac/Latin. For the Chronicon Syriacum, W. Budge has completed an English translation which is not yet fully available in the public domain and therefore the page makes hyperlinks available to the transcribed portions which exist online. 

If you discover any errors or hyperlinks that are incorrect, please let us know through our contact form.