Editions and Translations in Progress

I am happy to announce that Dr. Grigory Kessel’s “Syriac Editions and Translations in Progress” page is now live on http://syri.ac. You can find it at the following direct link, and it is also linked in the top menu of the site under “Editions in Progress": http://syri.ac/editions

Please also note that we have added a webform where you can submit new or updated information on Syriac editions and translations you are working on. You can find that form here: http://syri.ac/editionsform
Dr. Kessel remains the editor of this material and will be keeping the table of editions and translations up to date as new information comes in. If your edition or translation is listed in the table, please remember to tell him when it has been published (gregorykessel@yahoo.com). We hope that this list will facilitate communication between Syriac scholars and encourage the development of new editions and translations in the field. Ideally it would be a canonical list of all editorial work currently in progress on Syriac texts, so please let us know if you have ideas for features that may help us towards that goal.