November 2015 Updates

I am posting to highlight briefly that some important pages have been added in recent weeks to

Let me draw your attention to the brand new page on the Chronicle of Michael the Syrian. This resource breaks down the Chabot edition by chapter and offers direct links to both the Syriac text and the French translation, in addition to translating the chapter titles into English for ease of navigation. (If any experts on post-9th-century Syriac note any errors of transliteration, particularly with regard to proper names, please let us know through the contact page.) 

We have also added a Councils and Canon Law page which provides links to editions and translations available online. These publications, often scattered across hard-to-find journals or in limited editions, are organized here according to confession, author, and date.

In addition, the Hagiography page has been radically expanded and revised: all the major collections of Syriac hagiography are now included in full, with direct links to the Syriac texts as well as the BHO entry and translations where available.

These new pages and expansions were prepared by Morgan Reed (CUA). We are grateful for the hard work and attention to detail he has put into the site.

Please continue to send us your thoughts and comments through our Contact page.