Sebastian Brock Publications List

We have just posted on a complete list of Dr. Sebastian Brock’s publications. The list is in PDF format and can be found in our Bibliography here:
The list was compiled by Prof. David Taylor at Oxford. We would like to thank him for creating this invaluable resource and for allowing us to host it. The PDF also includes Dr. Brock’s CV and attempts to be complete up to June 2018.
We are in the process of incorporating these publications individually into our Bibliography database. Like all entries in the Bibliography, each of them will have its own unique page which can be linked directly and which is downloadable in various formats, including Zotero. PDFs of publications are linked via their Bibliography pages where they are not under copyright.
We would also like to thank Prof. Muriel Debié for drawing our attention to the list and suggesting it would be a useful resource to post online.