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Book Chapter
A. F. J. Klijn, 2 (Syriac Apocalypse of) Baruch (Early Second Century A.D.). A New Translation and Introduction, in The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: Volume 1, Apocalyptic Literature and Testaments, Reprint., vol. 1, 2 vol., J. H. Charlesworth, Ed. Peabody: Hendrickson, 2009, pp. 615-652.
A. F. J. Klijn, Baptism in the Acts of Thomas, in Studies on Syrian Baptismal Rites, J. Vellian, Ed. Kottayam: C.M.S. Press, 1973, pp. 57-62.
R. van den Broek, Der Brief des Jakobus an Quadratus und das Problem der judenchristlichen Bischöfe von Jerusalem (Eusebius, HE IV, 5, 1-3), in Text and Testimony. Essays on New Testament and Apocryphal Literature in Honour of A.F.J. Klijn, T. Baarda and Klijn, A. F. J., Eds. Kampen: J.H. Kok, 1988, pp. 56-65.
Journal Article
A. F. J. Klijn, An Ancient Syriac Baptismal Liturgy in the Syriac Acts of John, Novum Testamentum, vol. 6, no. 2-3, pp. 216-228, 1963.
A. F. J. Klijn, Christianity in Edessa and the Gospel of Thomas, Novum Testamentum, vol. 14, pp. 70-77, 1972.
A. F. J. Klijn, The So-Called Hymn of the Pearl, Vigiliae Christianae, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 154-164, 1960.