Baghdad; Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon (CPB 00121)

Gospels edited here: Īšōʻdad deÌ Merv, The Commentaries of Isho'dad of Merv, Bishop of Ḥadatha (c.850 A.D.) (ed. M. Gibson, Cambridge, 1911). [Volume 1] [Volume 2] [Volume 3]

  • f. 3r-231v Isho'dad of Merv, Commentaries
    • f. 3r-161v Gospels
    • f. 161v-183r Acts
    • f. 183r-186r Pauline Epistles
  • f. 233v-242v Excerpt from the Book of the Solitaries
Manuscript Name: 
CPB 00121
Approximate Date: 
1707 CE
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