Macarius the Great

Mosul, Iraq, Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese of Mosul MS 97 (ASOM 00097)

  • fol. 1r-50v Rules and admonitions for monks and ascetics
  • fol. 50v-80r John of the Thebaid, Rules and instructions for spiritual life
  • fol. 80r-104v Prayers of the seven hours
    • Title NS: ܨܠܘ̈ܬܐ ܕܫ̈ܒܥܐ ܥܕ̈ܢܐ
  • fol. 105r-120v Catholic Epistles
    • Epistle of James 
    • Epistle of Peter
    • Epistle of John
  • fol. 121r-134v Mas'ūd (Abba), Spiritual Instructions
  • fol. 135r-144v Isaac of Antioch, Memrē
  • fol. 144v-176r Macarius the Egyptian, Exhortations to candidates for the Monastic Life

Sinai Syr. 14

See entry in Lewis

  • Patristica et Profana: Extracts from Macarius, Isaac, Gregory Nazianzus
  • Sayings of philosophers
    • Themistius, Plato, Aristotle, Life of St. Dionysius, Serapion, Julius of Rome, Justin

BnF syr. 434

  • f. 1v-63 Collection of Catechetal Questions and Answers
  • f. 64-72 Explanations of words
  • f. 73v-79v The History of Emperor Maurice
  • f. 79v-86r History of Peter the Publican
  • f. 86v-90r The history of the penitent demon
  • f. 90v-97r Vision of Macarius on the soul after death
  • f. 97v-100v Refutation on the causes of corruption 
  • f. 100v-101r On the different readings
  • f. 101v-142v 'Abdišo' the Solitary, Mimra
  • f. 142v-176r Profitable speech 
  • f. 177v-180r Athanasius of Alexandria, Profession of Faith 
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