Jacob of Sarug

La littérature exégétique syriaque et le rapprochement des traditions syrienne-occidentale et syrienne-orientale

Mosul, Iraq, Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese of Mosul MS 74 (ASOM 00074)

  • fol. 2v-73v Selected Memrē
    • Title NS: ܡܐܡܪ̈ܐ ܡܓܒܝ̈ܐ
    • A Memra in the meter of Mar Jacob <of Sarug>
    • Jacob of Sarug, On the chariot which Ezekiel saw
    • Isaac of Nineveh, Memra in the meter of Mar Ephrem
    • Isaac of Nineveh, On Silence and Stillness, and on Love
    • Isaac the Teacher <of Antioch>, On the Perfection of the Brethren
    • Isaac the Teacher <of Antioch>, On solitaries and guides and the humble and the Nazirites and the poor and the mourners and the aliens  and the perfect and those like them

Salvation in Christ according to Jacob of Serugh: an exegetico-theological study on the Homilies of Jacob of Serugh (451-521 AD) on the feasts of our Lord


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