Jacob of Sarug: Memre

Diyarbakir, Turkey Meryem Ana Kilisesi (DIYR 00003)

  • Jacob of Sarug, Homilies
    • On "In the beginning was the Word"
    • On the departure of Mary to Elishaba'
    • On the Only Begotten Word
    • On the chariot of Ezekiel
    • On the Consecration of the Church
    • On the annunciation of Zechariah
    • On the annunciation of the Mother of God
    • On the name "Immanuel"
    • On the birth of our Lord in flesh
    • On the birth of our Lord in flesh and on the error of the unclean demon
    • On the star seen by the Magi
    • On the murder of the innocents


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