Ishō' bar Nūn

La littérature exégétique syriaque et le rapprochement des traditions syrienne-occidentale et syrienne-orientale

The selected questions of Ishō bar Nūn on the Pentateuch : ed. and translated from MS Cambridge Add. 2017, with a study of the relationship of Ishō'dadh of Merv, Theodore bar Kon̄ī and Ishō bar Nūn on Genesis

Syrische Rechtsbücher. Zweiter Band: Richterliche Urteile des Patriarchen Chenânîschô. Gesetzbuch des Patriarchen Timotheos. Gesetsbuch des Patriarchen Jesubarnun

Syriac Exegetical Tradition


Old Testament

New Testament


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Translations from Greek


On Early Writers


On Later Writers

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