Used for works which have no clear author

Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00013)

  • f. 1r Two Short Poems (Syriac)
  • f. 2v-6r Three blessings (Garshuni)
  • f. 7v-75v Arabian Nights, Stories from Thousand and One Nights (Garshuni)
  • f. 76r-81v Poem (Garshuni)
  • f. 83r-103r On Armenians, the Council of Chalcedon, and the doctrine of Leo (Garshuni)
  • f. 104r-108r On the Carmelites, and the scapular that the Virgin bestowed upon the monks (Garshuni)
  • f. 108v-109v On the virtue of humility (Garshuni)
  • f. 110r-120r John Chrysostom, that it is not right to mourn more than is proper for the departed (Garshuni)


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