Saint Mark's Monastery, Jerusalem MS 199A (SMMJ 00199A)

See entry at CPART and in Macomber (St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 3-2; SMC 3-2). Filoksinos Yohanna Dolabany, Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in St. Mark’s Monastery (1994). Baumstark 38*(A)

  • Lives of Saints
    • f. Ir-IIv Contents
    • f. IIv, 1r-400r Text
      • f. 1v-4v Life of Anba Paul of Alexandria
      • f. 4v-33v Life of St. Anthony, written by St. Athanasius
      • f. 33v-52r Life of Anba Macarius
      • f. 52r-67r Story of the life of the brothers Maximus, and Dometius, sons of Emperor Valentinus
      • f. 67r-81r Life of Anba Bishoi
      • f. 81r-98r Life of Mar John the Short, head of the elders of the Desert of Scete
      • f. 98r-110v History of the great saint and exalted Anba Shenute
      • f. 110v-114r Life of Anba Mark
      • f. 114r-132v The history of Anba Serapion
      • f. 132v-137v Story of the vizier, Xenophon and his sons, John and Arcadius
      • f. 138r-142v History of the life of St. Archelides of Constantinople
      • f. 142r-146r History of St. John of the Golden Gospel
      • f. 146r-148r Story of Mar Risha
      • f. 148r-150v A second story of Mar Risha
      • f. 150v-153v Story of the great and marvelous persons, children of the potentates of Rome and Antioch, who renounced this world and all that is in it and lived a life of voluntary poverty in a miserable manner
      • f. 154v-156r History of St. Andronicus and Athanasia, his wife
      • f. 156r-159r Story of the father, Daniel, of Scetis, and of Eulogius, the stonecutter
      • f. 159r-162v The story of Simeon of Katar 'Abdin
      • f. 162v-166r Story of St. Reuben
      • f. 166v-171r History of the elect saint, Mar Awtil
      • f. 171v-174v Story of Mar Dometius
      • f. 174v-182r Ephrem Syrus, the story of St. Abraham Qidunaya
      • f. 182r-187r Story of Mar Julianus
      • f. 187r-195v History of the blessed Mar Aaron
      • f. 196r-226r Story of the life of Mar Simeon the Stylite
      • f. 226r-265v Story of Mar Barsawma
      • f. 266r-272r Story of the blessed Mar Daniel by Mar Jacob
      • f. 272r-277r Story about the Holy Mar Jacob the anchorite
      • f. 277r-278r History of the blessed Martinianus
      • f. 278r-280r Story of a certain youth from Alexandria (St. Saba of Alexandria)
      • f. 280r-282v Story of St. Malchus of Clysma
      • f. 282v-286v Story of the blessed sons of Rechab, whom the prophet Jeremiah commemorates
      • f. 286v-290r Story of the believing merchant Mark, who died in the West and entrusted his business to a Muslim, who was converted and became a Christian
      • f. 290v-294r Story of St. John who completed the course of his life in the well
      • f. 294r-308r Leontius, Bishop of Neapolis, Story of Mar Simeon Salus and St. John, the spiritual brothers of Edessa 
      • f. 308r-310r Story of Anba Gerasimus
      • f. 310r-311v Story of Abraham of Kashkar 
      • f. 311v-313r Story of Petrā from Atriqi
      • f. 313r-323r St. John, Story of Mar Bayt al-Shuhadā
      • f. 323r-340r Story of Mar Eugene from the Copts
      • f. 340r-349v Story of Mar Malchus
      • f. 349v-356r Story of Mar Isaiah of Aleppo
      • f. 356v-362r Story of Mar Yareth of Alexandria
      • f. 362r-363v Story of Evagrius
      • f. 363v-366r Story of Anba Isaiah of Bayt al-Qiddīsīn
      • f. 366r-379v Story of the icon of Christ that the Jews made in the city of Tiberius in order to mock it, in the days of Zeno, the believing emperor
      • f. 379v-390r Story of Jacob the Recluse
      • f. 390v-400r Story of the holy Mar Eulogius the Copt 
Manuscript Name: 
SMMJ 00199A
Approximate Date: 
1734 CE
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