Sachau 174; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin 57

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  • f. 3v-19v Narsai, The first memra for the Sunday of Hope: On the divine revelations which were for Abraham
  • f. 20r-36v Narsai, Another memra for the [Sunday] of Hope
  • f. 37r-48r Narsai, Memra on the birth of our Lord
    • f. 37r-46r Memra
    • f. 46v-48r Sogitha of Mary and the Magi
  • f. 48v-60v Narsai, Memra of the remembrance of Lady Mary the blessed
    • f. 48v-58v Memra
    • f. 59r-60v Sogitha of the Angel and Mary
  • f. 61r-72v Narsai, Memra of the festival of the Epiphany of our Lord
    • f. 61r-70v Memra
    • f. 71r-72v Sogitha between John the Baptist and Christ
  • f. 73r-85r Narsai, Memra of Mar John the Baptist [This manuscript ends at f. 79v and continues with Sachau 175]
    • f. 73r-83r Memra
    • f. 83v-85r Sogitha of the synagogue, John, the church, and Herod
Manuscript Name: 
Sachau 174; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin 57
Approximate Date: 
1881 CE
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