Vat. sir. 495

  • Binding
  • f. 1r-7r Documentation surrounding the signers of the Council of Nicaea
  • f. 7r-11r The canons of Nicaea
  • f. 11r-12v A letter written to the Church of Alexandria
  • f. 12v-13r A Letter of Emperor Constantine about Arius
  • f. 14r-19r The signers and canons of the Council of Constantinople
  • f. 19r Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed
  • f. 19r-19v Note about an anaphora of the Constantinopolitan Fathers sent to Emperor Theodosius
  • f. 19v-20r Scribal Notes
  • Binding

Diyarbakir, Turkey Meryem Ana Kilisesi, 320 (DIYR 00320)

  • Anaphora of Xystus of Rome (Qūrbōnō; Garshuni, Syriac)
  • Service before the Mass (Syriac)
  • Readings; Sedrē; Prooemia (Garshuni, Syriac)
  • Anaphora of James, the Lord's Brother (Qūrbōnō; Syriac)
  • Dismissal Prayers (Garshuni, Syriac)
  • Anaphora of Dīonīsīūs bar Ṣalībī (Qūrbōnō; Syriac)
  • Anaphora of John the Evangelist (Qūrbōnō; Garshuni)
  • Anaphora of Proclus of Byzantium (Qūrbōnō; Garshuni, Syriac)
  • Anaphora (Qūrbōnō; Garshuni)
  • Anaphora of the Twelve Apostles (Qūrbōnō; Garshuni, Syriac)


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