Notes to readers

  • We intend to populate this list of hagiographical writings with more of the numerous saints' Lives that are available in digitized form on the internet. This list represents only a foundation based on the major collections, especially of martyr acts.
  • Abbreviations: BHO = Bibliotheca Hagiographica Orientalis; ET = English translation; FT = French translation; GT = German translation; LT = Latin translation



P. Peeters, Bibliotheca Hagiographica Orientalis (Brussels, 1910).

P. Peeters, ''Le martyrologe de Rabban Sliba'', Analecta Bollandiana 27 (1908): 129–200. (Here is Nau's collation of a new manuscript against Peeters' edition).

F. Nau, ed., "Martyrologes et ménologes orientaux, I–XIII. Un martyrologie et douze ménologes syriaques édités et traduits", PO 10.1 (Paris, 1912). [NB: Wright's editio princeps and ET of the fourth-century Martyrologium Syriacum from BL Add. 12,150 can be found here]

H. Delehaye, Synaxarium ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae (Brussels, 1902).

Menologion of Simeon Metaphrastes (PG 114PG 115PG 116)

Menologion of Basil (PG 117)

(NB: This latter three are not, strictly speaking, Syriac resources, but are, nevertheless, extremely important for the study of hagiography).

Roger Pearse has put up links to the very important Patrologia Orientalis here.


Collected Editions of Hagiographical Texts

(in alphabetical order by last name of editor or translator)

J.-B. Abbeloos, Acta Sancti Maris (Brussels, 1885). 

(= BHO 610, 12) (And here.)


J.-B. Abbeloos, De vita et scriptis Sancti Jacobi, Batnarum Sarugi in Mesopotamia episcopi, cum ejusdem Syriacis carminibus duobus integris ac aliorum aliquot fragmentis, necnon Georgii ejus discipuli oratione panegyrica (Leuven, 1867). 

(= BHO 413)


A. Amiaud, ed. La légende syriaque de Saint Alexis, l’homme de Dieu (Paris, 1889). 

(= BHO 36–40)


S.E. Assemani, ed., Acta sanctorum martyrum Orientalium et Occidentalium in duas partes distributa, adcedunt Acta S. Simeonis Stylitae (Rome, 1748).


Volume 1: Eastern Martyrs



Volume 2: Western Martyrs


Volume 2, continued: Martyrs of Palestine



A French translation of the Latin translation in Assemani can be found in F. Lagrange, Les Actes des martyrs d’Orient, traduits pour la première fois en francais sur la traduction latine des manuscrits syriaques de Étienne-Evode Assemani (Paris, 1852).


German translations of some of the martyrdoms in Assemani can be found in O. Braun, Ausgewählte Akten persischer Märtyrer (Munich, 1915).

Braun also includes translations of the following Persian martyrs:



P. Bedjan, ed., Acta martyrum et sanctorum, 6 vols. (Paris–Leipzig, 1890–1897).

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Volume 3:

Volume 4:​

Volume 5:

Volume 6:

Volume 7: 'Enanisho', Paradise of the Fathers

  • Part 1: Palladius, Lausaic History, section 1 (=BHO 846-853)
  • Male Ascetics
    • About a Certain Monk in Ancyra (Syriac
    • About the Blessed John of Lycus (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Posidonius (Syriac
    • About Chronius of Phoenice (Syriac)
    • About Jacob the Lame (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Solomon (Syriac
    • About Dorotheus, the Elder (Syriac
    • About Diocles (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Capito (Syriac
    • About a Certain Monk who Fell (Syriac)
    • About the Blessed Ephrem, the Deacon of the Church of Urhay (Syriac
    • About Innocentius, the Elder (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Elpidius (Syriac)
    • About Eustathius (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Sisinnius (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Gaddai (Gaddanus), the Palestinian (Syriac)
    • About the Blessed Elijah (Syriac
    • About Sabat (Sabas) the Layman from Jericho (Syriac)
    • About the Blessed Sarapion of Sedona (Syriac
  • Stories about the Holy Women (Syriac
    • About the Virgin who Hid Athanasius the Great (Syriac
    • About Piamon the Virgin (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Amantalida (Talis) (Syriac
    • About Timirion (Timiron, Taor) (Syriac
    • About a Certain Virgin and Martyr, Coluthus (Syriac)
    • About a Certain Virgin and about Magistianus (Syriac)
    • About St. Melania the Great (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Melania the Lesser (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Olympias (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Candida (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Gelasia (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Juliana (Syriac
    • About Heronius (Verus) and His Wife (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Magna (Syriac)
  • The Beginning of the Stories
    • About Isidorus (Syriac)
    • Dorotheus (Syriac)
    • A Young Virgin, [Potamiaena] (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Didymus (Syriac)
    • About the Virgin, Alexandra (Syriac)
    • About Abba Macarius and about a Certain Virgin (Syriac
    • About the Monks of Nitria (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Amon the Great (Syriac)
    • About the Blessed Abba Or (Syriac)
    • About the Blessed Pambo (Panbo) (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Bishop Ammonius (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Benjamin (Syriac)
    • About Apollonius the Merchant (Syriac
    • About the Physical Brothers, Paisius and Isaiah (Syriac)
    • About the Blessed Macarius (Syriac)
    • About the Blessed Mar Nathaniel (Syriac)
    • About the Two Blessed Ones: Macarius the Egyptian and Macarius the Alexandrian (Syriac)
      • About Macarius the Egyptian (Syriac
      • About Macarius the Alexandrian (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Paul the Simple (Syriac)
    • About the Blessed Pachomius (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Stephen (Syriac
    • Those who Fell into Sinful Traps (Syriac
    • About Valens the Palestinian (Syriac
    • About Aaron the Alexandrian (Syriac)
    • About Ptolemaeus (Syriac)
    • About Abraham the Egyptian (Syriac
    • About a Certain Virgin in Jerusalem (Syriac)
    • A Virgin who Fell and Returned (Syriac
    • About a Virgin who was in Caesarea Palestina (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Taisia (Syriac)
    • About the Blessed Abba Elijah (Syriac)
    • About the Blessed Dorotheus (Syriac
    • About the Blessed Pachomius the Great (Syriac)  
    • A Defense and Preparation with an Exhortation (Syriac
  • Introductory Matter
    • A Letter of Palladius, Bishop of Helenopolis, to Lausa (Syriac)
    • About the Goal of the Book (Syriac)
    • [The Book's] counsels (Syriac)
  • Palladius, Lausaic History, section 2 (Syriac) (=BHO 854-56)
    • Mark the Monk (The Mourner) (Syriac)
    • The Blessed Olog (Eulogius) (Syriac)
    • A Certain Alexandrian Boy (or: A Certain Alexandrian Layperson) (Syriac)
    • A Disciple of Sabas who was in Scete (Syriac)
    • A Disciple of Sabas Dwelling in a Cell (Syriac)
    • A Disciple of Sabas Living in the Desert (Syriac)
    • Peter, the Disciple of One of the Elders (Syriac)
    • A Disciple of One of the Elders (Syriac)
    • About Aurelius (Syriac)
    • About Abba Moses the Indian [who came] from Thieves (Syriac)
    • About Abba Pior (Syriac)
    • About Abba Moses the Lybian (Syriac)
    • About that Changing of His Lamp (Syriac)
    • The Blessed Evagrius (Syriac)
    • Mark (or Malchus), the Solitary (Syriac) (=BHO 585)
    • About Two of the Fathers who were Sent (Syriac)
    • About a Certain Elder who was Sent (Syriac)
    • About a Certain Naked Elder who was Grazing with the Animals (Syriac)
    • About Another of the Saints (Syriac)
    • About a Certain Solitary who was Grazing on Grass by the Jordan (Syriac)
    • About a Certain Holy Virgin (Syriac)
    • About Two Young Brothers who were with Macarius (Syriac)
    • About Abba Bessarion (Syriac)
      • About the Miracles which Abba Bessarion Did (Syriac)
    • The Nine Virtues of a Certain One of the Saints (Syriac)
    • About the Blessed Maria (Syriac)
    • A Story about One of the Elders, about the Observance of the Mind (Syriac
    • About Two Brothers who were Dwelling in the Monastery of the House of the Persians (Syriac)
    • About a Certain Virgin who Grew Old in the Disciplines of Piety (Syriac)
    • About a Certain Stephanus who Fell by Shameful Wantonness (Syriac)
    • About Eucharpius (Syriac)
    • About a Certain Famous Deacon Dwelling in a Coenobium in Egypt (Syriac)
    • About a Bishop who Fell with a Prostitute (Syriac)
    • Another about a Certain Brother, a Neighbor of Abba Poimen (Syriac)
    • About a Certain Brother who Apostatized because of a Daughter of a Priest (Syriac)
    • About a Certain Old Man who was in Scete (Syriac)
    • About that Prostitute whom Sarapion Taught (Syriac)
    • About the Prostitute that Podiaqnos Expelled from the Church (Syriac)
    • Concerning Abba Apollo, that One in Scete (Syriac)
    • About Cosmas (Qozma) on Mt. Sinai (Syriac)
    • About Abba Macarius who was Accused by a Prostitute (Syriac)
    • About the Elder who was Saying that Melchizedek is the Son of God (Syriac)
    • About Abba Macarius the Egyptian (Syriac)
    • About the Story [of Abba Macarius the Egyptian] (Syriac)
    • About Abba Mark the Lesser, the Disciple of Abba Silvanus (Syriac)
    • Abba Paulus the Simple, Disciple of Mar Anthony (Syriac)
    • About the Writer, Palladius, and about a Certain Blessed Brother (Syriac)
  • Paradise of the Fathers Part 2: A History of the Monks of Egypt Ascribed to Jerome (Syriac) (=BHO 843
    • An Apology (Syriac)
    • John of Lycus (Syriac)
    • The Holy Abba Or (Syriac)
    • Abba Ammon (Syriac)
    • Abba Abn (Benus) (Syriac)
    • The Story of the Disciplines of the Brothers in the City of Oxyrhynchus (Syriac)
    • Abba Theon (Syriac)
    • Abba Elijah (Syriac)
    • Apollo and Ammon (Syriac)
    • Another of Abba Apelles (Syriac)
    • Another of a Different Apollo and John in the Desert (Syriac)
    • Another of Abba Paphnutius, the Spiritual Merchant (Syriac)
    • The Blessed Olog (Eulogius) (Syriac)
    • Another of Abba Isidorus (Syriac)
    • Dioscorus (Syriac)
    • Corpres and the Blessed Patermuthius (Syriac)
    • The Household of Abba Or and Isaiah and Paul and Anuph (Nophi) (Syriac)
    • Evagrius (Syriac)
    • Another of Abba Pithyrion (Syriac)
    • The Victories of the Blessed Fathers (Syriac)
    • Another Common Victory for the Brothers of Nitria (Syriac)
    • The First Ammon (Syriac)
    • A Different Abba Ammon in Nitria (Syriac)
    • Didymus (Syriac)
    • Chronius (Chronidus) (Syriac)
    • The Three Brothers (Syriac)
    • Philemon (Syriac)
    • John (Syriac)
    • Sarapion (Syriac)
    • Apollo the Lesser, the Reader and Martyr (Syriac)
  • The Paradise of the Fathers, Part 3: numerous apophthegmata (Syriac) (=BHO 846-66879)
    • Part 1: The Teaching of the Holy Fathers (Syriac)
      • About the Flight from Humanity and Silence and Constancy in the Cell (Syriac)
      • About Fasting and the Nazarite Vow and the Rest of the Labors (Syriac)
      • About the Reading of the Scriptures, Vigils, the Service of the Psalms and Constant Prayers (Syriac)
      • About How It is Fitting for Us to Weep and Mourn over Our Sins Always (Syriac)
      • About Voluntary Poverty (Syriac)
      • About Continence (Syriac)
      • About Obedience Toward God and Our Fathers (Syriac)
      • About Diligent Care with Our Thoughts and Our Words and Our Deeds (Syriac)
      • About Love and Compassion and Hospitality (Syriac)
      • About Humility and How One should Despise Himself and Think Himself Lower than Every Person (Syriac)
      • About the Battle with the Passion of Fornication (Syriac)
      • About Acceptable Repentance and How it is Right for Us to Return Truly (Syriac)
      • About the Fathers Working Miracles (Syriac
      • About the Greatness of the Preeminent Way of Solitude (Syriac)
    • Part 2: Ascetic Commentary and Common Stories (Syriac) (=BHO 864-66)
      • Questions and Answers about Holy Disciplines (Syriac
      • Here there ends 1000 Questions and Answers in the Third Division of Palladius (Syriac)
      • Further Examples for the Weak and the Idle and for Those Who cannot Care for Themselves (Syriac)
      • Another Toward the Lovers of Vainglory and Those Becoming Proud of Their Righteousness (Syriac)
      • Toward that One Who is not Careful with His Tongue (Syriac)
      • Another Toward Those Who have Authority over Evil Thoughts yet Evil Deliberations Come to Mind (Syriac)
      • Another Toward That One who cannot Withhold Himself from Anger and Wrath and Who Holds a Grudge in His Heart against a Brother (Syriac)
      • Another Toward the Variety of the Evil Will of People, Those Who Reject the Benevolence Done to Them (Syriac)
      • The Counsels of Admonition (Syriac)
      • Further Questions of the Brothers and the Answer of the Words of the Elders Who were Exceedingly Beautiful and Praiseworthy (Syriac)
      • Another about Martinianus (Syriac)
      • Further Questions about the Vision of the Mind (Syriac)
    • Part 3: A Few Examples (Syriac) (=BHO 864-66)
    • Appendix
      • Another Praise of the Monks of Egypt Done by Bishop John of Constantinople (John Chrysostom) (Syriac)
      • Another Story of the Fathers (of Abraham of Nathpar) (Syriac)
      • Variants (Syriac)

P. Bedjan, ed., Histoire de Mar-Jabalaha, de trois autres patriarches, d’un prêtre et de deux laïques nestoriens (Paris, 1893).


​​E.W. Brooks, ed., Vitae virorum apud Monophysitas celeberrimorum: Pars prima. CSCO Syr. III.25 [7–8] (Paris, 1907).

E.W. Brooks, ed. John of Ephesus. Lives of the Eastern Saints (Patrologia Orientalis 17.1, 18.4, 19.2) (Paris, 1923-1925).

Patrologia Orientalis 17.1 [Table of Contents]

Patrologia Orientalis 18.4 [Table of Contents]

Patrologia Orientalis 19.2 [Table of Contents]

  1. Life of Habib
  2. Life of Z’ura
  3. Life of John the Nazirite
  4. Lives of Abraham and Maro
  5. Lives of Simeon and Sergius
  6. Life of Paul the Anchorite
  7. Life of Abraham the Recluse
  8. Life of Addai the chorepiscopus
  9. Life of Mare of Beth Urtaye
  10. Life of Simeon the Bishop
  11. Life of Harfat
  12. Lives of Mary and Euphemia
  13. Lives of Thomas and Stephen the notaries and syncelli of Mare of Amid
  14. Life of Abbi
  15. Lives of Two Monks
  16. Life of Simeon the Mountaineer
  17. Of a stranger who would not give his name
  18. Of a monk who left a convent without being released
  19. Life of Zacharias
  20. Of a monk from the same convent as Zacharias and about Sound Training
  21. Life of Thomas the Armenian
  22. Lives of Addai and Abraham
  23. Life of Simeon the Solitary
  24. Life of John of Thella
  25. Life of John of Hephaestopolis
  26. Life of Thomas of Damascus
  27. Life of Susan the Virgin
  28. Life of Mary the anchorite
  29. Life of Malkha the mendicant and stranger
  30. Life of Elijah of Dara
  31. Lives of Elijah and Theodore
  32. Of a monk who stole
  33. Life of Hala
  34. Life of Simeon the Scribe
  35. Of the Amidene convents
  36. Life of Mare the Solitary
  37. (missing)
  38. Life of Aaron
  39. Life of Leontius
  40. Life of Abraham the presbyter
  41. Lives of Bassian and Romanus
  42. Lives of Mar, Sergius, and Daniel
  43. Lives of four deacons
  44. Life of Tribunus
  45. Life of Isaac
  46. Life of Paul of Antioch
  47. Of the refugees in Constantinople
  48. Lives of five patriarchs
  49. Life of James
  50. Lives of James and Theodore
  51. Life of Kashish
  52. Lives of two Antiochenes
  53. Life of Priscus
  54. Life of Caesaria
  55. Lives of John and Sosiana
  56. Lives of Peter and Photius
  57. Life of Theodore the castrensis
  58. History of the Convent of John Urtaya
  59. Appendix: Spurious life of James
  60. Appendix: translation of the relics of James


E.A.W. Budge, The Book of Paradise, Being the Histories and Sayings of the Monks and Ascetics of the Egyptian Desert by Palladius, Hieronymus and Others: The Syriac Texts, according to the Recension of ‘Anân-Îshô‘ of Bêth ‘Âbhê (London, 1904). (Volume 1: English; Volume 2: English, cont. & Syriac) (Huge CPART files: Volume 1Volume 2)


F.C. Burkitt, ed., Euphemia and the Goth, with the Acts of Martyrdom of the Confessors of Edessa (London–Oxford, 1913).


J.-B. Chabot, ''Histoire de Jésus-Sabran, écrite par Jésus-Yab d’Adiabène, publiée d’après le ms. syr. CLXI de la Bibliothèque Vaticane'', Nouvelles archives des missions scientifiques et littéraires 7 (1897): 485–584. (= BHO 451)


J.-B. Chabot, ed., La légende de Mar Bassus, martyr persan, suivie de l’histoire de la fondation de son couvent à Apamée, d’après un manuscrit de la Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris, 1893). (= BHO 174)


J.-B. Chabot, 'Livre de la Chasteté, composé par Jesusdenah, Évêque de Basra', École Française de Rome. Mélanges d'archéologie et d'histoire 16 (1896).

[For a complete breakdown of this resource with links to Bedjan's text, see here]


J.-B. Chabot, ed., Documenta ad origines monophysitarum illustrandas. CSCO Syr. II, 37. (Paris, 1907). (Syriac text)


W. Cureton, History of the Martyrs of Palestine by Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea, discovered in a very ancient Syriac Manuscript (London and Paris, 1861).


H. Feige, ed., Die Geschichte des Mâr ‘Abhdîšô‘ und seines Jüngers Mâr Qardagh (Kiel, 1890). (= BHO 555)


J. Gildemeister, ed., Acta S. Pelagiae syriace (Bonn, 1879). (= BHO 919)


H.G. Kleyn, ed. Het Leven van Johannes van Tella door Elias: Syrische tekst en Nederlandsche vertaling (Leiden, 1882). (= BHO 524) (and here)


P.A. de Lagarde, Reliquiae iuris ecclesiastici antiquissimae, syriace primus edidit. (Leipzig, 1856).


P. A. de Lagarde, ed. Analecta syriaca. (Leipzig, 1858). 

(Read Cowper's review for partial translations of some of these texts)


T.J. Lamy, "Acta Abrahae Kidunaiae monachi," AB 10 (1891): 10–49. (= BHO 16–17)


A.S. Lewis, ed., Acta Mythologica Apostolorum Transcribed from an Arabic Ms. in the Convent of Deyr-es-Suriani, Egypt, and from Mss. in the Convent of St Catherine, on Mount Sinai, Horae Semiticae 3 (London, 1904).

  • Palimpsest Fragments of the Acts of Judas Thomas (Syriac) (ET) (= BHO 1204 1,2)


A.S. Lewis and M. Dunlop Gibson, ed., Palestinian Syriac Texts from Palimpsest Fragments in the Taylor-Schechter Collection (London, 1900).


A. S. Lewis, ed. Apocrypha Syriaca: The Protevangelium Jacobi and Transitus Mariae, with Texts from the Septuagint, the Corân, the Peshitta, and from a Syriac Hymn in a Syro-Arabic Palimpsest of the Fifth and Other Centuries (London, 1902).


A.S. Lewis, ed., Select Narratives of Holy Women from the Syro-Antiochene or Sinai Palimpsest as Written above the Old Syriac Gospels by John the Stylite, of Beth-Mari-Qanûn in A.D. 778, Studia Sinaitica 9–10 (London, 1900).


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Overbeck, J. J. S., Ephraemi Syri, Rabulae episcopli Edesseni, Balaei aliorumque Opera selecta: e codicibus syriacis manuscriptis in museo Britannico et bibliotheca Bodleiana asservatis primus editit (Oxford, 1865).


A. Palmer, ed. Life of Gabriel of Qartmin.  From the microfiche supplement to idem, Monk and Mason on the Tigris Frontier: The Early History of Tur ‘Abdin,University of Cambridge Oriental Publications 39 (Cambridge, 1990).

(Linked here by permission of the author, who holds the copyright.)


A. Palmer, ed., Tašʻita d-qadiša Mar Šmuʾel w-Mar Šemʻon w-Mar Gabriʾel / maṣḥa wa-sriṭa men nuske ʻatiqe b-yad ʼAndrʼos Baʼlmar (Monastery of Mar Ephrem, Holland, 1983).


P. Peeters, Bibliotheca Hagiographica Orientalis (Brussels, 1910)

  • For a complete breakdown of the BHO, see here.

G. Phillips, ed., The Doctrine of Addai, the Apostle, now First Edited in a Complete Form in the Original Syriac, with an English Translation and Notes (London, 1876) (= BHO 24)


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I.E. Rahmani, ed. Studia Syriaca, seu collectio documentorum hactenus ineditorum ex codicibus Syriacis, 5 vols (Charfeh, 1904–1909).

Volume 1:


Volume 2:


Volume 3:


Volume 4:

Volume 5:


E. Sachau, ed., Inedita Syriaca: Eine Sammlung syrischer Übersetzungen von Schriften griechischer Profanliteratur, mit einem Anhang, aus den Handschriften des Brittischen Museums herausgegeben (Vienna, 1870).


F. Schulthess, Probe einer syrischen version der Vita St. Antonii (Leipzig, 1894). (= BHO 68, 12)


P. Zingerle, ed., Chrestomathia Syriaca (Rome, 1871).


Individual Saints' Lives

(in alphabetical order by name of saint)


Aaron of Sarug (d. 337)

F. Nau, and L. Leroy, eds., Les légendes syriaques d’Aaron de Saroug, de Maxime et Domèce, d’Abraham, maître de Barsôma, et de l’empereur Maurice; Les miracles de Saint Ptolémée, PO 5 (Paris, 1910), 703-749. (= BHO p. 273)


Abraham of Antioch (d. 406)

F. Nau, and L. Leroy, eds., Les légendes syriaques d’Aaron de Saroug, de Maxime et Domèce, d’Abraham, maître de Barsôma, et de l’empereur Maurice; Les miracles de Saint Ptolémée, PO 5 (Paris, 1910), 768-773. ( = BHO, p. 274)


Abraham Qidunaya (6th century)

T.J. Lamy, ‘Acta Abrahae Kidunaiae monachi,’ Analecta Bollandiana 10 (1891): 10–49. (= BHO 16–17)


Addai the Apostle

G. Phillips, ed., The Doctrine of Addai, the Apostle, now First Edited in a Complete Form in the Original Syriac, with an English Translation and Notes (London, 1876). (= BHO 24)


Ahudemmeh (d. 575)

F. Nau, Histoires d’Ahoudemmeh et de Marouta, métropolitains jacobites de Tagrit et de l’Orient (VIe et VIIe siècles), suivies du traité d’Ahoudemmeh sur l’homme, Patrologia Orientalis 3.1 [11] (Paris, 1905), 15–51. (= BHO 35)


Alexius, the Man of God (Fifth Century)

A. Amiauded, La légende syriaque de Saint Alexis, l’homme de Dieu (Paris, 1889).

(BHO 36-40) (text)

(BHO 41-42) (text)


Anthony (d. 356)

Bedjan, AMS, V, pp. 1-121. ( =BHO 68)

Other editions

F. Schulthess, Probe einer syrischen version der Vita St. Antonii (Leipzig, 1894), pp. 1-19.

Fragments in A.S. Lewis and M. Dunlop Gibson, Palestinian Syriac Texts (London, 1900), pp. 89-104.


The Doctrine of the Apostles

W. Cureton, ed., Ancient Syriac Documents Relative to the Earliest Establishment of Christianity in Edessa and the Neighbouring Countries, from the Year after Our Lord’s Ascension to the Beginning of the Fourth Century (London / Edinburgh, 1864). (ET) (Syriac) (= BHO 81)


Apphianus/Appian (d. 306)

Bedjan, AMS I, pp. 220-209. (Syriac) (= BHO 94)

Assemani, ASO II, 189-195 (Syriac) (FT) (= BHO 95)


Dionysios the Areopagite

M.-A. Kugener, ''Une autobiographie syriaque de Denys l’Aréopagite'', Oriens Christianus 1.7 (1907): 292–339. (= BHO 255a–255c)


Ephrem the Syrian (d. 378)

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Jacob Baradaeus  (d. 578)

1. Vita:

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2. How Jacob Baradaeus’ Bones Were Taken from the Monastery of Casion by the Monks of Pesilta, by Kyriakos of Amid

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John Bar Aphtonia (d. 538)

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John Bar Penkaye (7th century)

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John of Tella (d. 538)

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Maccabean Martyrs

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Qardag (d. 367)

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