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*The Approximate Date column is derived from the best available information for the manuscript. This is not asserted as a scholarly position on the dating of the manuscript. Instead, it is merely used here for the convenience of being able to sort all manuscripts by numerical date. The user should keep in mind that there may be considerable debate over the precise dating of the manuscript and should consult the manuscript repository and relevant scholarly literature for details.

Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Borg. sir. 147 1,400 CE Syriac

See entry in Scher

  • Binding
  • f. 3v-9v Index of Lectionary Readings
  • f. 10r-10v Index of Sections in Matthew
  • f. 11v-47r Gospel of Matthew
  • f. 47r Index of sections in Mark
  • f. 69r Index of Sections in Luke
  • f. 69v-107v Gospel of Luke
  • f. 107v Index of Sections in Luke
  • f. 108r-132r Gospel of John 
  • f. 132v-170r Acts
  • f. 170r-171r Cause of the Book of Acts
  • f. 171v-174v Epistle of James
  • f. 175r-179r First Epistle of Peter
  • f. 179v-182r Second Epistle of Peter
  • f. 182r-186r First Epistle of John
  • f. 186r-187r Second Epistle of John
  • f. 187r-188v Epistle of Jude
  • f. 189r On Paul
  • f. 189v-274r Epistles of Paul
  • f. 274v Colophon
  • f. 275v-289r Jacob of Edessa, Letter
  • f. 289v-302r Monastic Anthology
  • f. 302v-303v Notes
  • Binding
Mingana Syriac 11 1,702 CE Syriac

See the catalog entry for Mingana 11

  • f. 1v-58r I-II Chronicles
  • f. 58r-58v Susanna
  • f. 58v-61v Judith
  • f. 62v-98v The Cave of Treasures
  • f. 98v-102r The book of the questions of St. Peter or Simon Cephas on the Sacraments (Baptism and Eucharist)
  • f. 102r-104v The prayer of Ezra to God, and his vision, while in the desert with his disciple Carpus
  • f. 104v-105r Short treatise (anonymous) giving the number of years that elapsed from Adam to Christ, and from Christ to the beginning of the Kingdom of the Arabs
  • f. 105r-108r The history of the Indian Mission to the Nestorian Patriarch in the town of Jazīrat b. 'Umar, and the letter sent to him from Indian by the bishops whom he had dispatched to that country
Mingana Syriac 525 1,898 CE Syriac

See catalog entry for Mingana 525

  • Dionysius Bar Salibi​
    • f. 1v-22v Commentary on Acts
    • f. 23r-27r Commentary on James
    • f. 27r-30v Commentary on 1 Peter (According to the Harklean version)
    • f. 30v-34v Commentary on 2 Peter (According to the Harklean version)
    • f. 32r-34v Commentary on 1 John 
    • f. 34v Commentary on 2 John
    • f. 34v-36r Commentary on Jude
    • f. 36r-146r Commentary on the Pauline Epistles
Mingana Syriac 89 1,700 CE Garshuni, Syriac

See catalog entry for Mingana 89

  • f. 1-6v Barhebraeus, Geographical portion of a work entitled ܡܢܪܬ ܩܘ̈ܕܫܐ
  • f. 5 Map of the earth based upon the seven climates of Ptolemy
  • f. 6v-9r Ecclesiastical Calendar
  • f. 9v-10r [blank]
  • f. 10v-18v Dionysius Barsalibi, Commentary on the Apocalypse
  • f. 18v-28v Dionysius Barsalibi, Commentary on Acts
  • f. 29r-38v Dionysius Barsalibi, Treatise against the Jews
  • f. 39r-84v Dionysius Barsalibi, Treatise against the Muhammadans (in 39 Kephalia; the final –f. 76-84– consists entirely of Qur'anic quotations).
  • f. 85r-92v Dionysius Barsalibi, Treatise against Nestorians
  • f. 93r Grammatical note on the seyāmē
Vat. sir. 502 1,926 CE Syriac

See entry in Voste

  • Binding
  • f.2v-199r Explication of obscure words in the Pentateuch
  • f. 2v-2v Notes
  • f. 4v-53v Genesis
  • f. 53v-92v Exodus
  • f. 92v-117v Leviticus
  • f. 118r-157r Numbers
  • f. 157r-197v Deuteronomy
  • f. 197v-198v Colophon
  • f. 199r Preface
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 510 1,000 CE Syriac
  • Binding
  • f. 1r-4r Annotations on the two genealogies of Christ and on the texts of Matthew and Luke which record them
  • f. 4v-5r Table comparing the two genealogies of Christ and remarks attributed to Theodore of Mopsuestia
  • f. 5v-270v Peshitta New Testament
    • f. 5v-43v Matthew
    • f. 43v-67r Mark
    • f. 67r-106v Luke
    • f. 106v-137v John
    • f. 137v-180v Acts of the Apostles
    • f. 180v-185r James
    • f. 185r-189v 1 Peter
    • f. 189v-193v 1 John
    • f. 193v-210r Romans
    • f. 210r-226v 1 Corinthians
    • f. 226v-237r 2 Corinthians
    • f. 237r-242r Galatians
    • f. 242r-247v Ephesians
    • f. 247v-251v Philippians
    • f. 251v-255r Colossians
    • f. 255r-258r 1 Thessalonians
    • f. 258r-260r 2 Thessalonians
    • f. 260r-264r 1 Timothy
    • f. 264r-267r 2 Timothy
    • f. 267r-269r Titus
    • f. 269r-269v Philemon
    • f. 269v-270v Hebrews (ends in the middle of 2:14 Syriac text)
  • Binding
Saint Mark's Monastery, Jerusalem MS 31 (SMMJ 00031) 1,500 CE Syriac

See entry at CPART and in Macomber (st. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 1-4; SMC 1-4). Filoksinos Yohanna Dolabany, Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in St. Mark’s Monastery (1994).

  • f. 1r-276v New Testament
    • f. 1r-136v Gospels (Harklean version)
      • f. 1r-40r Matthew
      • f. 40v-67r Mark
      • f. 67v-107r Luke
      • f. 108v-136v John
    • f. 137r-148r The readings of the redemptive Passion of Christ, our God, collected from the four evangelists through the revision of Thomas of Harkel. This is a harmony of the four gospels for the account of the Passion.
    • f. 148v-188v The Acts of the Apostles (Harklean version)
      • f. 148v-149r The cause of the book
      • f. 149v-188v Acts of the Apostles in the Peshitta version
    • f. 188v-205r The Catholic Epistles in the Peshitta version
      • f. 188v-192r James
      • f. 192r-196v 1 Peter
      • f. 192r-196v 1 John
      • f. 200v-203r 2 Peter
      • f. 203rv 2 John
      • f. 203v-204r 3 John
      • f. 204r-205r Epistle of Jude
    • f. 205v-276v The Pauline Epistles in the Peshitta version
      • f. 205v-219v Romans
      • f. 219v-232v 1 Corinthians
      • f. 232v-241r 2 Corinthians
      • f. 241r-245v Galatians
      • f. 245v-248v, 256v-255v Ephesians
      • f. 255v-252v Philippians
      • f. 252v-249v Colossians
      • f. 249vr, 257r-258v 1 Thessalonians
      • f. 258v-260r 2 Thessalonians
      • f. 260r-263v 1 Timothy
      • f. 263v-266r 2 Timothy
      • f. 266r-267v Titus
      • f. 267v-268r Philemon
      • f. 268r-276v Hebrews (ends at 12:27)
Saint Mark's Monastery, Jerusalem MS 37 (SMMJ 00037) 800 CE Syriac

See entry at CPART and in Macomber (St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 2-3; SMC 2-3); Filoksinos Yohanna Dolabany, Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in St. Mark’s Monastery (1994).

  • f. 1r-98v Harklean
    • f. 1r-7r Introduction to the Pauline Epistles
      • f. 1r The places from which the epistles were written; the persons indicated as senders
      • f. 1r-7r On the biblical citations found in the epistles
      • f. 7r-8r On the division of the epistles into chapters
    • f. 7v-98v Text (Translation according to the Harklean version)
      • f. 8r-27r Romans
      • f. 27v-47v 1 Corinthians
      • f. 47r-59v 2 Corinthians
      • f. 59v-65r Galatians
      • f. 65r-70r Ephesians
      • f. 70r-74r Philippians
      • f. 74r-78v Colossians
      • f. 78v-82r 1 Thessalonians
      • f. 82v-84v 2 Thessalonians
      • f.  84v-89v 1 Timothy
      • f. 89v-93r 2 Timothy
      • f. 93r-95r Titus
      • f. 95v-96r Philemon
      • f. 96r-98v Hebrews
Saint Mark's Monastery, Jerusalem MS 44 (SMMJ 00044) 1,505 CE Garshuni

See entry at CPART and in Macomber (St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 2-8; SMC 2-8). Filoksinos Yohanna Dolabany, Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in St. Mark’s Monastery (1994).

  • f. 1v-624r The book of the Torah interspersed with anonymous commentary which some scholars attribute to the Copt, Marqus al-Darīr ibn Mawhūb Ibn al-Qanbar [Marqus ibn Qanbar, died 1208]
    • f. 1v-227v The book of Genesis, interspersed with anonymous commentary
    • f. 228r-410r The book of Exodus, interspersed with anonymous commentary
    • f. 410v-528r The book of Leviticus, interspersed with anonymous commentary
    • f. 529r-580r The book of Numbers, without commentary
    • f. 580v-624r The book of Deuteronomy, without commentary
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00018) 1,610 CE Garshuni
  • f. 1v-3v On the priest and the sponsors of the bride and groom
  • f. 3v-7v Command and blessing of marriage
  • f. 7v-14v Blessings of the contract of the oath
  • f. 15r-50v Unidentified astrological-theological text
  • f. 50v-78r Story of the palace of Shād b. 'Ād
  • f. 78v-131r Story of Masrūr and Zayn al-Muwāṣif
  • f. 131v-135v Hymns to the Virgin Mary
  • f. 136r-139v Hymns
  • f. 140r-177v Unidentified hagiographic text
  • f. 178r-185r Story of the skull that conversed with Jesus Christ, said to be the head of Arsenios, the king of Egypt
  • f. 185v-196r John Chrysostom, On the commandments of Great Sunday
  • f. 196r Explanation of that which God gave Moses the prophet
  • f. 196v-197v Forbidden, defective days in the lunar months
  • f. 198r-216v Hymns
  • f. 216v-217v Reading from the Gospel of Matthew (i.e. Mark)
  • f. 218r-227v Story of Mark the Merchant, who was carried away into exile to the land of Persia, and Gaspar the Pagan
  • f. 227v-236v Hymn on the Economy of Christ