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*The Approximate Date column is derived from the best available information for the manuscript. This is not asserted as a scholarly position on the dating of the manuscript. Instead, it is merely used here for the convenience of being able to sort all manuscripts by numerical date. The user should keep in mind that there may be considerable debate over the precise dating of the manuscript and should consult the manuscript repository and relevant scholarly literature for details.

Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Vat. sir. 51 pt. 1 1,100 CE Syriac

See entry in Assemani

  • Binding
  • West Syrian Pontifical of Michael the Patriarch
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 51 pt. 2 1,100 CE Syriac

See entry in Assemani

  • Binding
  • West Syrian Pontifical of Michael the Patriarch
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 501 1,927 CE Syriac

See entry in Voste

  • Binding
  • f. 3v-4r Symbol of Nicea
  • f. 4v-10v Twenty canons of the Council
  • f. 10v-12v Names of the participating bishops
  • f. 12v-13r Constantine's letter to the nations
  • f. 13r-87r The work of Marutha of Maypherqat concerning the council in the form of a letter to the Pontiff Isaac
  • f. 87r-96v Symbol of Nicaea and his apology
  • f. 97r-97v Colophon
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 598 1,871 CE Syriac
  • Binding
  • Synodicon Orientale
    • f. 1r Note about manuscript
    • f. 1v-14r Synod of Mar Isaac 
    • f. 14r-18r Synod of Mar Yahballaha 
    • f. 18r- 25v Synod of Mar Dadisho' 
    • f. 25v-31v Synod of Mar Acacius [Aqaq] 
    • f. 31v-34v The four letters of Barsawma of Nisibis
    • f. 34v-39r Synod of Mar Babai
    • f. 39r-55v Synod of Mar Aba
    • f. 56r-66v Synod of Mar Joseph
    • f. 66v-82v Synod of Mar Ezekiel
    • f. 82v-132v Synod of Mar Isho'yahb
    • f. 132v-135r Synod of Mar Sabrisho'
    • f. 135r-137v Stipulations and canons of the solitary brethren who are named who are in Raqiti (ܪܩܝܛܝ)
    • f. 137v-141r Letter of Mar Sabrisho' the Catholicos to the solitarties who are named who are in Raqiti (ܪܩܝܛܝ)
    • f. 141r-146r Synod of Mar Gewargis the Patriarch
    • f. 146r-157v Document of faith brought to king Khosrau
    • f. 157v-165r Synod of Mar Gewargis the Patriarch
    • f. 165r-179v Letter of Mar Gewargis
    • f. 179v-185r Synod of Mar Hannanisho'
    • f. 185r Table of Contents
    • f. 186r Table of Contents (different hand)
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 599 1,871 CE Syriac
  • Binding
  • Copyists Note
  • f. 1r-1v Table of contents
  • f. 1v-11r Letter of Mar Aba, Catholicos Patriarch of the East to those in the Episcopal city of Seleucia 
  • f. 11r-19v  Another letter of Mar Abba on the boundary of joining of marriage
  • f. 19v-33v The Letter of Mar Isho'yahb of Gedalaya the Patriarch to Rabban Abraham
  • f. 33v-44r Letter of St. Atticus, Bishop of Constantinople to the priest, Eupesicos
  • f. 44r-50v Letter of Bishop Andrew of Samosata to Rabbula, Bishop of Urhoy [Edessa] 
  • f. 50v-51v Demonstrations from the teachers of the Church
  • f. 51v-54v St. Athanasius, From the Homily against Apollonarius; Against Theopaschites
  • f. 54v-58v A letter translated from Greek to Syriac containing the history of Mar Nestorius
  • f. 58v-63r Excerpted words from the Holy Gregory the Theologian against the heretics, the Theopaschites and those who deny the duality of the natures of the Messiah, our Lord, and our God
  • f. 63r-66r St. John Chrysostom, On the Passion
  • f. 66r-78v Histories of the death of Hormizd, the son of Khosrau and unto the end of the kingdom of the Persians
  • f. 78v-79v The statement of faith the Bishops of Persia brought to king Khosrau
  • f. 80r-80v Two letters of Barsawma of Nisibis to Acacius
  • f. 80v-83v The canons written by Rabban Mar Abraham the Abbot of the brethren of the monastery on the mountain of Izla
  • f. 83v-87r The canons of Rabban Dadisho' about the monaster of 'Ahid
  • f. 87r-97v The canons of the holy school of the city of Nisibis
  • f. 97v-111r The decisions which were made by the blessed of God, Mar Hannanisho' the Catholicos, Patriarch of the East
  • f. 111r-136r The arrangements of ecclesiastical decisions of Mar Timothy I, Catholicos
  • f. 136r-155v The canons and decisions of Mar Isho' bar Nun
  • f.155v-175v The laws and canons of marriage and inheritances of the excellent Mar 'Abdisho', magistrate of Assyria
  • f. 175v-190r Various chapters of the ecclesiastical decisions of the excellent Simon, the magistrate of Revardashir
  • f. 190r-250v The book about the decisions of Mar Isho'bokht, the Metropolitan of Persia  
  • f. 250v-262v Laws and decisions set down by Christian kings
  • f. 262v-294r Canon of the judgments of Constantine, Theodosius, and Leo: another translation outside of the writings above, and also the canons which are beyond these and chapters of oath 
  • f. 294r-305r Secular laws of the Romans of Ambrosius the confessor
  • f. 305v-306r Table of Contents (Syriac)
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 68 1,465 CE Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

East Syrian Beth Gazzā (Common Breviary)

  • f. 1v-211v Beth Gazzā
  • f. 212r-222v Deacon's Office Book
  • f. 223r-227v The Order of Expiation
  • f. 228r-235r Diverse prayers for Vespers
  • f. 235v-248r The Order of the Liturgy
  • f. 248v-251r Prayers and Psalms
  • f. 251v-252v The heavenly and ecclesiastical hierarchy
  • f. 252v-253v The procession of the cross
  • f. 254r-254v The Easter Procession
  • f. 262v-263v Calendar of Saints
  • f. 264r-265r Table of movable feasts
  • f. 265v Formulary for a pastoral epistle
  • f. 265v The Scribe Lazarus, on the year, andits weeks and days
  • f. 266r Idem, On the sign of the year
  • f. 266r-267r On the day and month of Adam's creation
  • f. 267v Names of the 24 prophets
  • f. 268v ff. The creed of Nicea and Constantinople
Vat. sir. 127 Unknown Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • 51 titles of ecclesiastical canons
  • The ecclesiastical canons of the holy Apostles
  • Apostolic constitutions of Hippolytus
  • Canons of Nicaea
  • Canons of Ancyra
  • Canons of Neocaesarea
  • Canons of Gangra
  • Canons of Antioch
  • Canons of the Synod of Laodicea
  • Canons of the synod of Constantinople
  • Definition of the Synod of Ephesus
  • Canons of the Synod of Chalcedon
  • Timothy the Patriarch of Alexandria, Canonical questions and responses
Vat. sir. 129 1,020 CE Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • Apostolic Constitutions
  • 'Abdisho' bar Brīkā, Collection of synodical canons
  • Synod of Timothy the Patriarch
  • 'Abidsho' bar Brīkā, Collection of synodical canons (part II)
  • Elijah of Nisibis, Letters to the Bishops and faithful Deacons
Vat. sir. 353 Unknown Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • Nomocanon of the Syriac Church of Antioch
    • John Scholasticus
    • Apostolic Canons
    • Constitutions of Hippolytus
    • Canons of Nicaea
    • Council of Ancyra
    • Council of Neocaesarea
    • Synod of Gangra
    • Synod of Antioch
    • Synod of Laodicea
    • Council of Constantinople
    • Synod of Ephesus
    • Chalcedon
    • Timothy of Alexandria, Questions and responses
    • Various collections of Nomocanons
Vat. sir. 560 pt. 2 Unknown Syriac
  • Didascalia of the 12 Apostles
  • Canons of the synods and of the fathers