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Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Vat. sir. 37 1,627 CE Garshuni, Syriac

See entry in Assemani and the entry completed by CPART

  • Binding
  • f. 1v-57r Burial service, Garshuni and Syriac
  • f. 57r-69v Jacob of Edessa, Tractate on the restrictions in marriage (on the different kinds of marriages that are not lawful)
  • f. 69v-106 History of St. Jacob of Egypt, the hermit, and his associates, Garshuni
  • f. 106v-128r History of King Hermianus, and of his wife and sons, Garshuni
  • f. 128r-133v Office of the resurrection of the Lord, for Vespers, Matins and Terce
  • f. 133v-139v Shorter anaphora of St. James, the Lord's brother
  • f. 139v-141r Various canons pertaining to the sacraments of Baptism, Penance, the Eucharist, and Holy Orders, in Garshuni
  • f. 141r-152v Anaphora of the Holy Fathers, by John the Patriarch (Theodore b. Wahbun)
  • f. 152v-153r Copy of a note from a Gospel book
  • f. 153r-155v Life of John, Bishop of Mardin
  • f. 155v-156v Copy of a note from a Gospel book
  • f. 156v-168v Life of St. Abhai, Bishop of Nicea
  • f. 168v-173r Account of the death of Constantine II
  • f. 173r-176r Life of Jacob of Serugh, Bishop of Batnae, Flute of the Holy Spirit and Harp of the Church
  • f. 176r-192r Life of Acha
  • f. 192r Catalog of the works fo Dionysius bar Salibi
  • f. 192r-192v Coptic, Syriac, and Ethiopic calendars
  • f. 192v-201r Festal calendar attributed to Jacob of Edessa
  • f. 201r-201v Catalog of Eastern saints
  • f. 201v-201v Life of Moshe bar Kepha
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 182 1,707 CE Syriac

See entry in Assemani

  • f. 1r-6v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 1: In the beginning was the Word
  • f. 6v-21v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 3: First day
  • f. 21v-28r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 4: Second day
  • f. 28v-37r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 5: Third day (sea)
  • f. 37v-43v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 6: Third day (plants and trees)
  • f. 43v-51v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 7: Third day (paradise)
  • f. 51v-67r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 8: Fourth day 
  • f. 67r-78r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 9: Fifth day 
  • f. 78r-88r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 10: Sixth day
  • f. 88r-100v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 11: On mankind
  • f. 100v-110r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 12: On Adam
  • f. 110r-122v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem, 13: On the commandment given to Adam
  • f. 122v-133r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 14: On the punishment of Adam
  • f. 133r-141v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 15: On the Sabbath
  • f. 142r-149r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 16: On the Resurrection
  • f. 149r-156r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 17 On the freewill of man
  • f. 156r-164r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 18: On the advent of Christ
  • f. 164r-174r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 19: On the vision of Moses on Sinai
  • f. 174r-188v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 20: On the dispensation of Christ
  • f. 188v-198r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 21: On the miracles and signs which Christ performed
  • f. 198r-208v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 22: On the words and sermons of Christ
  • f. 208v-219r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 23 On the words and doctrine of Christ
  • f. 219r-230r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 24: On the doctrine and words of Christ
  • f. 230r-239v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 25: On the truth of the Christian faith
  • f. 239v-248v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 26: On the resurrection of the body
  • f. 248v-258v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 27: On the soul returning to the body after the resurrection
  • f. 259r-268r Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 28: On retribution
  • f. 268r-268v Copyist notes
  • f. 268v-273v Emmanuel ash-Shahhar, Poem 29: On Baptism
  • f. 273v Copyist notes
  • f. 274v-276r Liturgical calendar
  • f. 277v-278v Copyist notes
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 36 1,597 CE Garshuni, Syriac

Catalog entry from Assemani

  • f. 1-34 Missal (Jacobite Rite)
    • Anaphora of the Twelve Apostles
    • Anaphora of Peter the Apostle
    • Anaphora of St. Eustathius
    • Anaphora of St. John (bishop of Haran Habura and Nisibis)
    • Anaphora of Dionysius bar Ṣalibi
  • Porphyry, Isagoge
  • The way of finding East
  • Bishop Moses, excerpts from Yaḥya ibn 'Adī
    • Against those who affirm that Christ was not truly crucified
    • Against those who maintain the Christian Gospel has been corrupted
    • The world was not from eternity
  • Bishop Moses, Excerpt from an Arabic grammar
  • Jacob of Sarug, a philosophical poem: On being, substance, and accidents
  • Baptismal Rite
  • Gregory bar 'Ebroyo, Syriac Grammar
  • Bishop Moses, Syriac-Arabic Lexicon
  • Catalog of the works of Bar 'Ebroyo
Vat. sir. 68 1,465 CE Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

East Syrian Beth Gazzā (Common Breviary)

  • f. 1v-211v Beth Gazzā
  • f. 212r-222v Deacon's Office Book
  • f. 223r-227v The Order of Expiation
  • f. 228r-235r Diverse prayers for Vespers
  • f. 235v-248r The Order of the Liturgy
  • f. 248v-251r Prayers and Psalms
  • f. 251v-252v The heavenly and ecclesiastical hierarchy
  • f. 252v-253v The procession of the cross
  • f. 254r-254v The Easter Procession
  • f. 262v-263v Calendar of Saints
  • f. 264r-265r Table of movable feasts
  • f. 265v Formulary for a pastoral epistle
  • f. 265v The Scribe Lazarus, on the year, andits weeks and days
  • f. 266r Idem, On the sign of the year
  • f. 266r-267r On the day and month of Adam's creation
  • f. 267v Names of the 24 prophets
  • f. 268v ff. The creed of Nicea and Constantinople
Vat. sir. 97 1,518 CE Garshuni, Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • Homilies of John bar Ma'dani
    • On the Nativity of our Lord
    • On the Epiphany of our Lord
    • On the presentation of our Lord in  the Temple
    • On the fast of the Ninevites and Jonah the Prophet
    • On the 40-day Fast
    • On the Feast of Hosannas
    • On the Saturday of the crucifixion
    • On the Saturday of the crucifixion
    • On the Resurrection of our Lord
    • On the Ascension of our Lord
    • On Pentecost
    • On the holy Apostles
    • On the Transfiguration of the Lord
    • On the translation of His Mother
    • On the Holy Cross
    • Paraenetic homilies before whatsoever day
    • Older paraenetic homilies
    • Ten homilies on the end and on humility
  • Elijah ibn al-Hadit, Prayer according to Ma'ari who lived in Nisibis
  • St. Cyril, Homily X on Virginity
  • Syriac epigram
  • On the creation of man
  • Homily on the Saints
  • Syriac song in 7-syllable meter
  • 'Abdisho' of Sobin, Syriac song in 12-syllable meter
  • 'Abdisho' of Sobin, Syriac song in 12-syllable meter
  • Prayer 
  • Benediction of the table
  • Coronation of the betrothed
  • Names of kings which king Mahir-Shapur sent, said to have adored Christ
  • Noah of Lebanon, Syriac Jacobite Patriarch, Brief Chronicle
  • Calendar
  • Homilies by Noah the Patriarch
Vat. sir. 173 1,333 CE Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • Poems (12-syllable meter) on executing proper duties of the Priest and Deacon
  • Order of the consecration of Chrism
  • On the Fast and the calendar
  • On ten Fathers
  • St. Cyril of Alexandria, Twelve Chapters
  • Priest Aitallaha
  • Gregory bar 'Ebroyo, excerpt from Chronicon Syriacum
  • Jacob of Edessa, 12-syllable meter poems on faith against Nestorianism
  • Gregory bar 'Ebroyo, The mystery of his confession of faith
  • Syriac Calendar
  • Gregory bar 'Ebroyo, Book of histories
Vat. sir. 191 1,700 CE Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • f. 1r-87v Ibn Sina, Introduction to logic
  • f. 88r-v Table of Movable Feasts
  • f. 89r-end From the book,The Cause of All Causes
Vat. sir. 217 1,585 CE Garshuni, Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • Gabriel Barclay, Maronite Bishop of Nicosa, On the Sphere
  • Daniel the sage, On the Zodiac Signs
  • Berozi the teacher, to Theo
  • Astrologia & Lunarium
  • Gabriel Barclay, Metrical exposition on the Apocalypse of John
  • Prayers, benedictions, and absolutions (Syriac and Arabic)
  • Order of the benediction for the great Sunday
  • Jacob of Sarug, Memra on Joseph
  • On the discovery of the body of Joseph under Arcadius and Honorius
  • On the children of Ephesus
  • Various memre
  • Calendar
  • History of animals
  • Hunayn of Hirta, excerpt on medicine
  • Ishō' bar 'Alī, Explination of exotic words
  • Utilizing plants, planets and herbs
  • Michael the Maronite Patriarch, Epistle to the king of the Franks (dated 1575)
  • 'Abdisho' the Catholicos, syriac memre
  • 'Abdisho' the patriarch of the Chaldeans
  • Creed of St. Athanasius
  • Isho'yahb of Nisibis (Bar Malkon), profession of the faith
  • Epistle of formularies
  • Profession of the faith
  • College rules of the Maronites
  • Mass for the Nativity
  • David bar Pawlos, Syriac Memre
  • On the seven climates, Syriac memre
Vat. sir. 222 1,670 CE Garshuni, Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • Chaldean office for common days, former
  • Chaldean office for common days, latter
  • Hymns
  • Common office for matins
  • Canticles for common days
  • Calendar
  • 'Onyatha 
  • 'Onyatha on the martyrs
  • Song for vespers and matins
  • Hymn of Mar Narsai, Memra for nocturns of a Dominical feast
  • St. Ephrem, acrostic memra with the letters of Jesus' name
  • Mar Narsai, Memra for matins of a Dominical feast
  • Song of the three youths
  • Theodore of Mopsuestia, hymn for matins of feast days
  • Hymn on the Eucharist
  • Elijah the Patriarch, prayer
  • Names of the Arabic months
Vat. sir. 290 1,751 CE Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • Chaldean Missal (Syro-Malabar Rite)