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*The Approximate Date column is derived from the best available information for the manuscript. This is not asserted as a scholarly position on the dating of the manuscript. Instead, it is merely used here for the convenience of being able to sort all manuscripts by numerical date. The user should keep in mind that there may be considerable debate over the precise dating of the manuscript and should consult the manuscript repository and relevant scholarly literature for details.

Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00135) 1,700 CE Garshuni, Syriac
  • f. 2v-46v Joseph II, Patriarch of the Chaldeans, Chaldean Gazzā (Syriac Rite, Eastern)
    • Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple
    • Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
    • Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary
    • Feast of the Circumcision
  • f. 48r-49r Supplication read at the time of confession
  • f. 50r-96r Psalter (Syriac Rite, Eastern)
  • f. 96r-115v Hudra (Syriac Rite, Eastern)
    • Prayers attributed to Ephrem Syrus, Theodore of Mopsuestia, Yazdin, Timothy I, Abraham of Beth Rabban, Thomas of Edessa, Abimalk, John of Beth Rabban, Babai the Great, Babai of Nisibis, George of Nisibis, and others
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00340) 1,700 CE Garshuni, Syriac
  • f. 3r-26r Basil of Caesarea, Homily on Easter, Good Friday, and on the departure of the soul from the body
  • f. 27r-28r Collection of Proverbs
  • f. 28v-30v Chronological calculations
  • f. 32v-68v Life of St. Gregory
  • f. 68v-74r Story of Susanna
  • f. 74v-80r Miracles of the Virgin Mary
  • f. 80v-81r Ephrem Syrus, Homily 
  • f. 81v-87r John Chrysostom, On Repentance
  • f. 87v-95v Moses' conversation on Mt. Sinai
  • f. 97r-100v Life of Mar Isaac
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00128) 1,723 CE Garshuni, Syriac
  • f. 2v-23r Service in commemoration of Rabban Hormizd (Syriac, Syriac Rite, Eastern)
  • f. 24r-29r Admonition for a burial (Syriac/Garshuni)
  • f. 29v-35v Psalms (Garshuni)
  • f. 36r-49r Prayers (Garshuni)
  • f. 50v-57r Hymns for the ordinary weekdays of the year (Garshuni, Syriac Rite, Eastern)
  • f. 58v-68r Joseph II, Patriarch of the Chaldeans, Prayers for Sundays and Feast Days (Garshuni)
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00473) 1,721 CE Garshuni, Syriac
  • f. 1v-20v Gospel Lectionary (Syriac Rite, Eastern) (Syriac)
  • f. 23v-54v Hymns for feasts selected from the Hudra (Syriac)
  • f. 55v-91r Anaphora of the Apostles (Syriac)
  • f. 92r-105r Anaphora of Theodore of Mopsuestia (Syriac)
  • f. 106r-128v Anaphora celebrated five times a year (Syriac)
  • f. 129r-132r Hymns for Dominical feasts (Syriac)
  • f. 132v-182v 'Abdisho' bar Brika, Dismissal hymns for various feasts (Syriac)
  • f. 186r-188r Prayers (Syriac)
  • f. 189r-203v Turgame for feasts and commemorations of the liturgical year (Syriac)
  • f. 204r-209v Hymns for feasts selected from the Hudra (Syriac)
  • f. 210r-212r Rite of veneration (Syriac)
  • f. 212v-223v Epistle to Hebrews (Syriac)
  • f. 224r-225r Gospel of Matthew (Garshuni)
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00100) 1,759 CE Garshuni
  • f. 9v-39r Lectionary (Syriac rite, Eastern)
  • f. 39r-200r Lectionary (Syriac rite, Eastern)
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00049) 1,697 CE Garshuni
  • f. 1v-181r Lectionary for the Old Testament and Epistles
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00018) 1,610 CE Garshuni
  • f. 1v-3v On the priest and the sponsors of the bride and groom
  • f. 3v-7v Command and blessing of marriage
  • f. 7v-14v Blessings of the contract of the oath
  • f. 15r-50v Unidentified astrological-theological text
  • f. 50v-78r Story of the palace of Shād b. 'Ād
  • f. 78v-131r Story of Masrūr and Zayn al-Muwāṣif
  • f. 131v-135v Hymns to the Virgin Mary
  • f. 136r-139v Hymns
  • f. 140r-177v Unidentified hagiographic text
  • f. 178r-185r Story of the skull that conversed with Jesus Christ, said to be the head of Arsenios, the king of Egypt
  • f. 185v-196r John Chrysostom, On the commandments of Great Sunday
  • f. 196r Explanation of that which God gave Moses the prophet
  • f. 196v-197v Forbidden, defective days in the lunar months
  • f. 198r-216v Hymns
  • f. 216v-217v Reading from the Gospel of Matthew (i.e. Mark)
  • f. 218r-227v Story of Mark the Merchant, who was carried away into exile to the land of Persia, and Gaspar the Pagan
  • f. 227v-236v Hymn on the Economy of Christ
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00028) 1,754 CE Garshuni
  • f. 1r-164v Lectionary (Syriac Rite, Eastern)
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00033) 1,734 CE Garshuni
  • f. 5v-155r Lectionary (Syriac Rite, Eastern)
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00039) 1,745 CE Garshuni
  • f. 1r-124r Psalter (Syriac Rite, Eastern)
  • f. 124v-127r Concluding Prayer, in the meter of Ephrem