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*The Approximate Date column is derived from the best available information for the manuscript. This is not asserted as a scholarly position on the dating of the manuscript. Instead, it is merely used here for the convenience of being able to sort all manuscripts by numerical date. The user should keep in mind that there may be considerable debate over the precise dating of the manuscript and should consult the manuscript repository and relevant scholarly literature for details.

Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Borg. sir. 34 1,678 CE Syriac

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  • 'Abdisho of Nisibis, Paradise of Eden
  • 'Abdisho of Nisibis, Book of the Pearl
  • 'Abdisho of Nisibis, Catalog of writers
  • 'Abdisho of Nisibis, Discourse on the 12 syllables, on the calendar, addressed to the glorious master, Amin al-Dawla
Borg. sir. 35 1,500 CE Syriac

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  • Poem of Gabriel Qamṣa
  • Hymn of Khamis bar Qardahe
  • Hymn of Saliba of Mansurya on the rogations
  • Hymn of Israel of Alqosh on penitence (composed in 1591)
  • Hymn on the rogations, composed by Isḥāq Shbadnāyā (composed in 1440)
  • Hymns of Khamis bar Qardahe on the Dominical feasts and on Isho'sabran the martyr
  • Hymn of 'Abdisho' of Gazarta on St. Cyriacus
  • Poems of Isḥāq Shbadnāyā on St. George on providence and on the Cross
Borg. sir. 36 1,700 CE Syriac

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  • Liturgy of the Chaldeans of Malabar
Borg. sir. 39 1,600 CE Syriac

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  • History of Daniel the doctor
  • Abba Arsenius, the king of Egypt
  • St. George the Martyr
  • John of Daylom
  • History of Isaiah of Aleppo
  • Story of a penitent demon
  • Story of a religious saint
  • Story of Abba Moses
  • Story of Paul the Simple
  • Story of a child killed by its mother
  • Story of a pious virgin
  • Portion of Paradise of the Fathers
  • Edifying history of a king in the first centuries
  • Legend of the Rechabites recounted by Zosimus
  • History of St. Juliana
  • Wonders which were done in the great cities, on the sea and on the isles
  • Certain fables of Aesop
  • Apocalypse of Paul
  • Riddles
  • Questions of Basil to his brother
  • Extracts from the Book of Isho'bokht, the metropolotan, On Creation
  • History of Yareth
  • On Malcus of Clysma
  • On Jacob Intercissus
  • On Cyprian and Justa, virgins
  • On Sergius and Bacchus, martyrs
  • On Mar Benjamin
  • On the countries of Beith Nuhadra
  • On St. Martinianus
  • On St. Paphnutius
  • The spiritual transaction
  • History of Rabban Hormizd, composed by Rabban Simeon
  • Legend of Mar Zai'a
  • Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Borg. sir. 41 1,600 CE Syriac

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  • 'Abdisho' bar Brīkā: Paradise of Eden
Borg. sir. 52 1,468 CE Syriac

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  • First section of the Nomocanon of Mar 'Abdisho' of Nisibis
Borg. sir. 57 1,686 CE Syriac

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  • Episcopal Ceremonies according to the West-Syrian Rite
    • Consecration of the oils
    • Consecration of the church
    • Renewal of a church
    • Consecration of the altar
    • Various prayers for the laying on of hands
    • Rite of the laying on of hands upon the Psalter-readers and lectors, sub-deacons, deacons, priests, archdeacons, Chorbishops, patriarchs, metropolitans and Bishops
    • Three rites of baptism
    • Order of the taking up of the monastic habit
    • Homily (Turgama) of Moses bar Kepha
    • Order of the taking up of the monastic habit for women
    • Benediction over the waters for the day of Epiphany
    • Benediction of the palms
    • Various rites to do during holy week, the week of Easter and the Sunday of Pentecost
    • Prayers to recite over the apostate
    • Benediction over sacred linens, on images, on statues, etc.
    • Rite of baptism by Bar 'Ebroyo
    • Rite of extreme unction
    • Funeral rites
Borg. sir. 60 1,687 CE Syriac

East Syrian Beth Gazza

  • f. 1r General Title
  • f. 1r Feast of the Nativity of our Lord
  • f. 3r Feast of the Nativity of our Lord
  • f. 12r Feast of the Nativity of our Lord
  • f. 54v Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • f. 121v Commemoration of John the Baptist
  • f. 145v Commemoration of the apostles Peter and Paul
  • f. 168r Commemoration of the evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
  • f. 188v Commemoration of the martyr STephen
  • f. 206r Commemoration of the Greek Doctors: Diodore, Theodore, and Nestorius
  • f. 235r Commemoration of the Syriac Doctors: Ephrem, Narsai, Abraham, Julian, John, and Michael
  • f. 250v Commemoration of a certain person, known to be Mar Aba the Catholicos
  • f. 302r Commemoration of the dead
  • f. 322v Commemoration of the confessors
  • f. 337r Commemoration of the martyr St. George
  • f. 365r Commemoration of the martyr Shmuni and her sons
  • f. 375b Feast of the ascension of Our Lord
  • f. 391v Commemoration of the apostle Thomas
  • f. 399r Commemoration of the martyrs Cyriacus and Dulitta <Julitta>
  • f. 410v Feast of the transfiguration of our Lord
  • f. 423r Feast of the Holy Cross
Borg. sir. 78 Unknown Syriac

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  • Liturgy of the blessed apostles
  • Liturgy of Mar Theodore the interpreter
  • Liturgy of Mar Nestorius
  • Canons
  • Husoyo
  • Consecration of impure water
  • Consecration of the leaven
  • Consecration of the altar without oil
  • Signing of the cup
Borg. sir. 80 1,900 CE Syriac

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  • Order of the Chaldean liturgy