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This table searches all collections of Syriac and Garshuni manuscripts that are freely available online by key terms. Click any of the categorized menu items to narrow down your search. If you would like to sort the manuscripts by shelf-mark or date, or search by general keyword, see our other table here, which includes all the same manuscript data.

*The Approximate Date column is derived from the best available information for the manuscript. This is not asserted as a scholarly position on the dating of the manuscript. Instead, it is merely used here for the convenience of being able to sort all manuscripts by numerical date. The user should keep in mind that there may be considerable debate over the precise dating of the manuscript and should consult the manuscript repository and relevant scholarly literature for details.

Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Borg. sir. 28 1,581 CE Garshuni

See entry in Scher

  • Binding
  • f. 1r-487r Garshuni Old Testament (Wisdom Books)
  • Binding
Borg. sir. 67 1,500 CE Garshuni, Syriac

See note in Scher

  • Binding
  • f. 1r-32 Revelation
  • Binding
Borg. sir. 74 1,400 CE Garshuni, Syriac

See note in Scher

  • Binding
  • f. 1r-9v Table of Lectionary Readings
  • f. 10r-19v Introduction to Gospels
  • f. 20r-99v Matthew
  • f. 100r-152v Mark
  • f. 153r-242v Luke
  • f. 243r-307v John
  • Binding
Borg. sir. 137 1,666 CE Garshuni, Syriac

Roll of parchment with surrounding miniatures. In the center is a hymn in Syriac for Palm Sunday. (see entry in Scher)

Borg. sir. 163 Unknown Garshuni, Syriac

Episcopal ceremonies (See entry in Scher)

Borg. sir. 27 1,700 CE Garshuni, Syriac
  • Apology of the Christian religion by Jacob al-Kindi (Jacob was a Muslim, but the Jacobite copyist interpolated the work so as to attribute it to one of his co-religionists)