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Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Vat. sir. 160 900 CE Syriac

See entry in Assemani

  • Binding
  • f. 1v-79v Life and Letters of Simeon the Stylite
    • f. 1v-77r Life of Simeon the Stylite
    • f. 77r-79r Letter from Cosma, the Priest, to Simeon the Stylite
    • f. 79r-79v Scribal note
  • f. 80v-126r Acts of the Persian Martyrs
    • f. 80v-92r Martyrdom of Simeon
    • f. 92v-94v Martyrdom of Tarbo and her Sister
    • f. 94v-96r Martyrdom of 111 Men and 9 Women
    • f. 96v-99r Martyrdom of Barba'shmin
    • f. 99r-103r Martyrdom of Miles and his companions
    • f. 103r-103v Martyrdom of Barshebya, Martyrdom of Daniel
    • f. 103v-104v Martyrdom of Abbot Badma
    • f. 104v-106v Martyrdom of Bishop Narsai
    • f. 106v Martyrdom of Jacob the Priest and a Mary, the Daughter of the Covenant
    • f. 106v-108v Martyrdom of Thecla, Daughter of the Covenant, and Four other Daughters of the Covenant
    • f. 109r-109v Martyrdom of Barhadbeshabba
    • f. 109v-126r Martyrdom of 'Aqebshma
  • f. 126r-240v Lives of Western Martyrs
    • f. 126r-135r Martyrdom of Theodolos
    • f. 135r-138v Martyrdom of Theodore
    • f. 138v-143v Martyrdom of Babylas of Antioch
    • f. 143v-144v Forty Martyrs
    • f. 144v-146v Martyrdom of Theodotos
    • f. 146v-153r Martyrdom of Philemon
    • f. 153r-170v Martyrdom of Lucian
    • f. 170v-173r Martyrdom of Agnes
    • f. 173r-175r Martyrdom of Theodota and her Children
    • f. 175r-177v Martyrdom of Victorinus and his Companions
    • f. 177v-179v Martyrdom of Lucian
    • f. 179v-180r Martyrdom of Procopius
    • f. 180r-182v Martyrdom of Alphius and his Companions
    • f. 182v-183r Martyrdom of Timothy
    • f. 183v-186v Martyrdom of Appinus
    • f. 186v-187r Martyrdom of Aedus
    • f. 187r-188r Martyrdom of Agape
    • f. 188r-194v Martyrdom of Three Virgins
    • f. 194v-204v Seven Martyrs of Samosata
    • f. 205r-211r Martyrdom of Phocas
    • f. 211r-215  Martyrdom of Bishop Eleutherus
    • f. 215v-220r Martyrdom of Mamas of Caesarea
    • f. 220r-222r Martyrdom of Agnes
    • f. 222r-222v Martyrdom of Aedus
    • f. 222v-223v Martyrdom of Theodosia
    • f. 223v-224r Martyrdom of Peter
    • f. 224v-231v Martyrdom of Phocas
    • f. 231v-238v Martyrdom of Bishop Ignatius
    • f. 238v-239v Martyrdom of Crescentus
    • f. 240r-240v Martyrdom of Dioscorus
  • Binding