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*The Approximate Date column is derived from the best available information for the manuscript. This is not asserted as a scholarly position on the dating of the manuscript. Instead, it is merely used here for the convenience of being able to sort all manuscripts by numerical date. The user should keep in mind that there may be considerable debate over the precise dating of the manuscript and should consult the manuscript repository and relevant scholarly literature for details.

Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00113) 1,553 CE Syriac
  • f. 1r-51r Elijah III, Catholicos of the Church of the East, Collection of prayers for the morning office throughout the liturgical year
  • f. 51v-94r Gabriel Qamṣa, Metropolitan of Mossul, Hymn in commemoration of Saint Sabrīshō' of Beth Qoqa
  • f. 94r-106r Īsḥāq Shbadnāyā, Hymn in commemoration of St. George the Martyr
  • f. 106v-111v, Hymn in commemoration of St. Stephen
  • f. 112r-121r Khamis bar Qardahe, Epigrams on various subjects in strophic form 
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00398) 1,583 CE Arabic, Latin, Persian, Syriac

See Scher's note on Diyarbakir 95

  • f. 1v-5v Homily for the blessed brethren (Syriac)
  • f. 5v-13v Homily on Repentance (Syriac)
  • f. 15v Story about a monk from Najran (Arabic)
  • f. 16v-53r Gregory bar Hebraeus, On Perfection with additions and commentaries by Khamis bar Qardahe and Īsho'yahb bar Mqaddam (Syriac)
  • f. 53v-55v Ode on the soul, with commentary by Khamis bar Qardahe (Syriac)
  • f. 56r-75r Khamis bar Qardahe, Homilies (Syriac)
  • f. 76v-77r Isho'yahb bar Malkon, Book of Instruction (Syriac) 
  • f. 78v-144v Homily on Rabban Hormizd (Syriac)
  • f. 147v-160v 'Onitha: Pearl of Knowledge (Syriac)
  • f. 172v-182v 'Onitha for the commemoration of Yuliṭa and her son (Syriac)
  • f. 183v-197v 'Abdishō' of Gazarta, Homily on the homonyms (Syriac)
  • f. 198r-203v Riddles (Syriac)
  • f. 204r-204v 'Abdisho' of Gazarta, Turgama of Cyriacus (Syriac)
  • f. 205r-208v Homily of Rogation (Syriac)
  • f. 208v-212v 'Abdisho' of Gazarta, Dismissal prayers in strophes  (Syriac)
  • f. 212v-216v 'Abdisho' of Gazarta, Poems (Syriac)
  • f. 216v-217v Homily about bad time (Syriac)
  • f. 218r-222r Ephrem Syrus, Sermon on Reprehension V (Syriac)
  • f. 223r-227r Jacob of Sarug, Homily on the mysteries of our Lord in the Old Testament (Syriac)
  • f. 227v-232v Credo of the true Orthodox (Syriac)
  • f. 232v-233v Credo of Isho'panaḥ, who was accused of drinking the poison of paganism (Syriac)
  • f. 234v-243r Excerprs from various canonical texts on the election of a patriarch and his rights (Syriac)
  • f. 243v-245r Khamis bar Qardahe, Brief note on heresies and on the pagan gods that were abolished through the coming of Christ (Latin, Persian, Syriac)
  • f. 245v-246v Homily that awakens and exhorts and incites penitents (Syriac)
  • f. 247r-248r Homily about a Syrian Orthodox Patriarch (Syriac)
  • f. 248r-256r 'Abdisho' of Gazarta, Poems (Syriac)
  • f. 256r-258r Riddles (Syriac)
  • f. 258r-266v Poems (Syriac)
  • f. 267r-274v Disputation between a monk of Bet Ḥale and an Arab notable (Syriac)
  • f. 274v-277v On the Trinity (in questions and answers) and other liturgical matters (Syriac)
  • f. 278r-280r Names of the prophets (Syriac)
  • f. 280r-281r On the cities of pagan kingdoms (Syriac)
  • f. 281v-299r Isho'dad of Merv, Excerpts from the Commentary on the New Testament (Syriac)
  • f. 299r-310v Questions on the Pentateuch (Syriac)
  • f. 310v-312v On the barbarious nations that do not know writing and god (Syriac)
  • f. 313r-334v Computus and other astronomical and historical reckonings (Syriac)
  • f. 335v-344v Rite of reception of an ordained bishop
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00402) 1,700 CE Mongolian, Syriac
  • f. 1v-55r Gewargis Warda, 'Onyatha for the Rogation of the Ninevites and on penitence (Syriac)
  • f. 55r-56v 'Abdisho' bar Brīkā, Dismissal prayers in Strophes (Syriac)
  • f. 57v-66v 'Onyatha from the life of Rabban Hormizd (Syriac)
  • f. 67r-68v Service for a blessing of the months (Syriac)
  • f. 69r-74v Hymns (Syriac)
  • f. 75r-80v Hymns for New Sunday (Syriac)
  • f. 80v-86v Dismissal Prayers (Syriac)
  • f. 87r-92r Service for a blessing of the months (Syriac)
  • f. 92r-94v Khamis bar Qardahe, Sogitha on economy (Mongolian and Syriac)
  • f. 94v-98v Sogyatha on the Church and on New Sunday (Syriac)
  • f. 99r-109r Midnight service for the fifth Sunday of Lent (Syriac)
  • f. 109r-110v Hymns for the commemoration of saints (Syriac)
  • f. 110v-115v Khamis bar Qardahe, Hymns (Syriac)
  • f. 115v-117v Madrasha (Syriac)
  • f. 117v-124v Madrashe (Syriac)
  • f. 125r-132r Rite of bishop ordination (Syriac)
  • f. 132r-144v Hymns from Ḥudrā (Syriac)
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00403) 1,439 CE Syriac

See Scher's note on Diyarbakir 89

  • f. 7v-47v Gabriel Qamṣa, 'Onitha on Sabrisho' d-Beth Qoqa
  • f. 48r-85v Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onyatha on the Rogation of the Ninevites and penitence
  • f. 85v-107v Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onyatha
  • f. 108r-134r Gewargis Warda, 'Onyatha on penitence
  • f. 134v-172v Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onyatha on feasts and commemoration of the liturgical year
  • f. 173r-201v Īsḥāq Shbadnāyā, 'Onyatha
  • f. 202r-205v Gewargis Warda, 'Onitha
Sachau 72; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin 69 1,600 CE Syriac

See entry for Sachau 72

  • f. 3-6 Philosophical poem in 7-syllable meter
  • f. 8r fragment, unidentified
  • f. 8v-13v Aesop's fables
  • f. 14r-14v fragment, About church discipline
  • f. 14v-21v The canons of the synods
  • f. 22r-31v Ephrem Syrus, Memra on his own death
  • f. 31v Fragment, Madrasha on the misery of man
  • f. 32-40v A collection of riddles
  • f. 40v-41r Deacon Ṣlībā, 12-syllable strophes
  • f. 42r-47r Grammatical inflections from ܒܙ
  • f. 47v-57r Lexical matters
  • f. 57v-61v Khamis bar Qardahe, Short poems
  • f. 62r-62v More riddles in 12-syllable meter
  • f. 63r-66v John bar Zo'bi, Philosophical text
  • f. 66v Excerpt of the book of Canons of aequilitteris of 'Endnīšo' and Ḥunain
  • f. 67r-90v various
  • f. 91r-100b John bar Zo'bi, poem
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00413) 1,600 CE Syriac

See Scher's note on Diyarbakir 90

  • Gabriel Qamṣa, 'Onitha on Sabrīshō' of Beth Qoqa
  • Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onyatha for the Rogation of the Ninevites and on repentance
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00417) 1,500 CE Syriac

See Scher's note on Diyarbakir 86

  • f. 3v-131v Gewargīs Wardā, 'Onyatha for feasts and Sundays of the liturgical year
  • f. 132v-138v Khamis bar Qardāhe, Selected poems and epigrams
  • f. 139r-141r Samples of letters to the clergy
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00419) 1,395 CE Syriac

See Scher's note on Diyarbakir 91

  • f. 2r-34r Gregory bar Hebraeus, On perfection. With commentary by Khamis bar Qardahe
  • f. 34r-67v Gabriel Qamṣa, 'Onitha on Sabrisho' of Beth Qoqa
  • f. 67v-73v Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onitha on Isho'sabran
  • f. 73v-79r Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onitha on the Feast of the Cross
  • f. 79r-136v Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onyatha for the Rogation of the Ninevites and other subjects
  • f. 136v-171v Khamis bar Qardahe, Homilies on feasts of the liturgical year and other subjects
  • f. 171v-240r Khamis bar Qardahe, Colleciton of epigrams, verses, homilies and sogyatha
  • f. 240r-269v Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onyatha and sogyatha for feasts of the liturgical year and other subjects
  • f. 270r-271r Poems
  • f. 272v-282r Khamis bar Qardahe, Sogyatha and 'onyatha
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00420) 1,722 CE Syriac

See Scher's note on Mardin 44

  • f. 1v-37v Gabriel Qamṣa, 'Onitha on Sabrīshō' d-Beth Qoqa
  • f. 38r-74r Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onyatha for the Rogation of the Ninevites and on repentance
  • f. 74r-95v Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onyatha on penitience
  • f. 95v-102v Gewargis Warda, 'Onitha for the Rogation of the Ninevites
  • f. 102v-108r 'Onitha for the Rogation of the Ninevites
  • f. 108r-150v Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onyatha for feasts of the liturgical year
  • f. 150v-157r 'Onitha on Stephen
  • f. 157r-166r 'Onitha on George the Martyr
  • f. 166r-196r Īsḥāq Shbadnāyā, 'Onyatha
Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00424) 1,600 CE Syriac

See Scher's note on Diyarbakir 87

  • f. 2v-39v Gabriel Qamṣa, 'Onitha on Sabrīsho' d-Beth Qoqa
  • f. 40r-73v Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onyatha for the Rogation of the Ninevites and repentance
  • f. 73v-86r Khamis bar Qardahe, 'Onyatha on penitence