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Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Vat. sir. 107 700 CE Syriac

See entry in Assemani

  • Binding
  • f. 1r-7v John, Bishop of Constantinople, Memra on that which is said by the prophet Jeremiah: "Lord, his way is not in the hand of man."
  • f. 7v-14v John, Bishop of Constantinople, On those who receive the seal of baptism
  • f. 15r-20v John, Bishop of Constantinople, Memra on the same subject
  • f. 20v-28v John, Bishop of Constantinople, On that which the apostle said: "A man has his wife through fornication."
  • f. 28v-32v John, Bishop of Constantinople, Memra on "If your brother sins against you, deal with it between you and him."
  • f. 32v-54v [Contents unclear]
  • f. 54v-56r John, Bishop of Constantinople, Description of the passion of our Lord
  • f. 56v-59r Jacob of Sarug, Letter to Stephen Bar-Sudayli
  • f. 59r-62v Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, Letter to Abraham on Stephen Bar-Sudali
  • f. 63r-64r St. Cyril, Letter to Rabbula the bishop
  • f. 64r St. Cyril, fragments of a letter, written in the synod of the Ephesian fathers to Nestorius
  • f. 64v-65r Letter of Paphnut to Moses Aghelesem/Aglaya
  • f. 65r-66r Moses Aghelensis, response to the letter of Paphnut
  • f. 66r-70v St. Cyril the Patriarch of Alexandria, On Creation Glaphyrorum
  • f. 71r-71v Apostolic canons
  • f. 71v-72r Apostolic constitution by Hippolytus
  • f. 72r-72v On the first fruits and tithing
  • f. 72v-76v Maxims of Paul the apostle
  • f. 76v-79v Ecclesiastical constitutions
  • f. 80r-113v Dionysius the Areopagite, Celestial hierarchy, Ecclesiastical hierarchy, on divine names, mysstical theology, with an anonymous Syriac commentary
  • f. 114r-134v Peter of Callinicum, Against Damian
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 109 692 CE Syriac

See entry in Assemani

  • Binding
  • f. 1r Aba Isaiah, Ascetic Epistle (beginning mutilated)
  • f. 2r-4r John of Constantinople, First homily on the Prodigal Son
  • f. 4r-6r John [of Constantinople], Second homily on the Prodigal Son
  • f. 6r-7v Third homily on the Prodigal Son
  • f. 7v-11r John of Constantinople, Homily on the turtle dove
  • f. 11r-21r John of Constantinople, On the Psalm: "As a deer calls out to a brook of water, so my soul calls out to you, God"
  • f. 21r-24v John of Constantinople, On wealth and poverty
  • f. 24v-25v John of Constantinople, Why it is necessary for parents to have self-will
  • f. 25v-27v John of Constantinople, from the 62nd homily, about those who mourn without measure over death
  • f. 27v-28v John of Constantinople, from the first homily to Stagirius, on "We shall endure temptation, for one is sent for our aid, even if we should be handed over to the chastisement of a demon"
  • f. 28v-30v Jacob of Sarug, On the nativity of the Lord
  • f. 30v-34r Homily on the epiphany of the Lord
  • f. 34r-38r Homily on the ieiunio quadragesimali [Great Lent]
  • f. 38r-43r Homily on the dominica hosannarum [Festival of Hosannas; Palm Sunday]
  • f. 43r-47r Mar Jacob, Homily on the sixth day of the passion of the Lord [Holy Friday]
  • f. 47v-51r Homily on the dominica resurrectionis domini [Pascha]
  • f. 51v-56v John of Constantinople, Homily on the psalm: "I will guard my way, and I will not sin with my tongue"
  • f. 56v-65r Letter of Mar Jacob, Abbot of the Naphesciate Monastery
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 135 700 CE Syriac

See entry in Assemani

  • Binding
  • f. 1v-6r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, Letter to Abbot Simeon on the translation of the Psalter from Greek into Syriac
  • f. 6r-13v A reply from Abbot Simeon to Barlaha. Fol. 6a
  • f. 13v-17r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, A Letter concerning Faith
  • f. 17r-19v Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, A Letter to Emperor Zeno on the incarnation of God the Word
  • f. 19v-24r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, A Letter to the Monks of Beth Gogal
  • f. 24r-27r Bishop Simeon of Beth Arsham, A Letter concerning Barsauma and the Heresies of the Nestorians
  • f. 27r-27v The Names of the Catholis in the Land of the Persians from the Apostles to the Shah Peroz (459-84)
  • f. 27v-28r Responses of the Blessed Mor Severus
  • f. 28r-57v Florilegium
  • f. 57v-71v Florilegium
  • f. 71v-77r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, Dispute with a learned Nestorian concerning Ephesians 1:17
  • f. 77r-80v Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, A Disputation on the Nestorians and the Orthodox
  • f. 80v-87r An explication of the blasphemy of the Manicheans 
  • f. 87r-92r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, Another against the Nestorians
  • f. 92r-93r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, Another set of responses against the two natures
  • f. 93r-100r Jacob of Sarug, Letter to Isaac of Gabula
  • f. 100r-102v Sayings of the Philosophers
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 126 pt. 2 1,253 CE Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

pp. 397-end (Begins with Abba Isaiah the Monk)

  • 'Enanisho', Paradise of the Fathers
    • Book 1: Palladius, Bishop of Heleopolis
    • Book 2: Palladius (Begins in this section)
    • ​Lives of the Fathers according to St. Jerome
    • Book 4: Apophthegmata Patrum 
    • Doctrine and Admonitions of the Fathers on the monastic institution
    • Abba Evagrius, Sermons
    • Abba Anthony, Letters to the monastic brothers 
    • St. Macarius of Egypt, sermons
    • St. Macarius of Egypt, epistles
    • St. Macarius the Alexandrian, Sermons
    • Abraham Nathpar, sermons
    • Ammon the monk and Bishop of Oxyrinchus, letters
    • St. Xystus of Rome, sermons
    • John of Dalyatha, sermons
    • Gregory the Monk on the isle of Cyprus, sermons
    • John of Thebes, sermons
    • St. Basil the Great, Monstaic institutions, Questions and answers from the brethren
      • Letter to his brother Gregory of Nyssa
      • Paranaetic Chapter
      • Ascetic Chatper
    • Jacob of Sarug, letter on the ascetic way
      • Letter to an abbot on the soul
      • Letter about the virtuous men
    • Philoxenus of Mabbug, on the one whose desire is changed toward refraining from the priesthood
      • Letter to the monks of Amid
    • St. Ephrem, sermon
    • St. Mark the hermit, paranaetic sermon