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*The Approximate Date column is derived from the best available information for the manuscript. This is not asserted as a scholarly position on the dating of the manuscript. Instead, it is merely used here for the convenience of being able to sort all manuscripts by numerical date. The user should keep in mind that there may be considerable debate over the precise dating of the manuscript and should consult the manuscript repository and relevant scholarly literature for details.

Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Diyarbakir, Turkey Meryem Ana Kilisesi, 339 (DIYR 00339) 500 CE Syriac
  • Eusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop, Letter to Carpianus on the Gospel canons
  • ​Gospel canon tables
  • Gospels, Peshitta (Extant text covers Matthew 1:12-John 19:42. Text divided into paragraphs corresponding to the Ammonian sections, with Eusebian canon references)
Vat. sir. 155 1,515 CE Syriac

See entry in Assemani

  • Binding
  • f. 1r Order of procession
  • f. 1r Order of approach to the door
  • f. 1r Order of foot-washing
  • f. 1v Order of adoration of the cross
  • f. 1v Order of absolution
  • f. 2r-2v Blessing of the table
  • f. 3r-6v Names and brief history of the fathers, prophets, and doctors
  • f. 6v On Jewish Fast days
  • f. 6v On the date of the creation of the world
  • f. 7r-7v Dionysius Barsalibi, exposition on priestly vestments
  • f. 7v-8r Preparation of the chrism
  • f. 8r-8v Consecration of the chrism
  • f. 8v-9r Order of foot-washing
  • f. 9r-9v Order of the succession of the second passion
  • f. 9r-9v Order of the adoration of the cross
  • f. 9v-16v Order of the Lord's resurrection
  • f. 17r Letter of Eusebius of Caesarea to Carpianus on gospel harmony
  • f. 17r-26v Dionysius Barsalibi, Prolegomena to the four gospels
  • f. 27r-31v Dionysius Barsalibi, Commentary on the four gospels, Preamble
  • f. 32r-149v Dionysius Barsalibi, Commentary on the gospel of Matthew
  • f. 150r-160r Dionysius Barsalibi, Commentary on the gospel of Mark
  • f. 160v-201v Dionysius Barsalibi, Commentary on the gospel of Luke
  • f. 202r-262v Dionysius Barsalibi, Commentary on the gospel of John
  • f. 263r-288r Daniel of Salah [Salaḥ], Exposition on the Psalms
  • f. 288v-290v Ephrem, A Profitable Warning
  • f. 290v-294r Ephrem, On Repentance
  • Binding
Mingana Syriac 124 1,665 CE Syriac

See the catalog entry for Mingana 124

  • f. 1-12r List of lections from the Gospels to be read in the West Syrian Church liturgy
  • f. 12r-13v The letter of Eusebius to Carpianus concerning the Canons of the Gospels and the Ammonian sections
  • f. 14r-18v The list of the Canons of Eusebius
  • f. 19r-261v The four gospels (Harklean version)
    • f.19r-89r Gospel of Matthew (Harklean version)
    • f. 89v-141v Gospel of Mark (Harklean version)
    • f. 142r-220r Gospel of Luke (Harklean version)
    • f. 220v-261v Gospel of John (Harklean version)
Mingana Syriac 148 1,613 CE Syriac

See the catalog entry for Mingana 148

  • f. 1v-2v, 5, 7r-13v Moses Karkhāya (from Karkha of Pīrūz), Genealogies
  • f. 3v-4, 6r-7r A treatise containing a short history of each of the twelve Apostles and seventy disciples
  • f. 3 Names of eleven magi who brought offerings to Christ
  • f. 13v-328r New Testament (Peshitta Version, containing East Syrian Massora) 
    • f. 13v-53v Matthew
    • f. 53v-79r Mark
    • f. 79r-122v Luke
    • f. 122v-160r John
    • f. 160r-225r Acts and Catholic Epistles
    • f. 225v-327v Pauline Epistles
  • f. 328r-331v Eusebius of Caesarea, Treatise in which is the history and martyrdom of each of the twelve Apostles and each of the seventy Disciples
  • f. 332 List of the letters of the alphabet of St. Ephrem, Narsai, Simon Magus, Bardaisan, and the nine Indian letters
BnF syr. 33 500 CE Syriac

See catalog entry here

  • Eusebian Tables
  • Four Gospels
BnF syr. 342 894 CE Syriac

See catalog entry here

  • Peshitta New Testament
    • f. 1r-36r Matthew
    • f. 36r-57v Mark
    • f. 57v-95r Luke
    • f. 95r-122r John
    • f. 122v-158r Acts of the Apostles
    • f. 159r-162v James
    • f. 162v-166v 1 Peter
    • f. 166v-170r 1 John
    • f. 170r-249v Romans-Hebrews
    • f. 250r Reprise of Eusebius of Cesarea
BnF syr. 236 1,194 CE Syriac

See catalog entry here

  • f. 1-8r History of St. Anthony
  • f. 8v-20 History of St. Macarius the Great
  • f. 21-32 History of Bishoy
  • f. 33-39r History of Shenoude
  • f. 39v-54r History of Pachomius
  • f. 54v-85 History of Ss. Maximus and Domitius
  • f. 86-111 History of Malchus, of Clysma
  • f. 112-144 History of John, son of Zebedee, by Eusebius
  • f. 145-156 History of Xenophon, of his wife, Mary and of his sons, John and Arcadius
  • f. 157-183r History of Antigone and his wife, Euphraxia, and of their daughter Euphraxia
  • f. 183v-194r History of John Calybite
  • f. 194v-236r History of Serapion
  • f. 236v-273 History of the image which the Jews made at Tiberius, by Philotheus
  • f. 274-289 History of Archelides
  • f. 290-300 Martyrdom of James Intercissus
  • f. 301-327 History of Cyriac and of his mother Juliette
  • f. 328-337r History of Zosiumus and of the Rechabites
  • f. 337v-342 History of Peter the Publican
  • f. 343-348 History of Princess Onesima
  • f. 349-350r History of a Peter of the desert
  • f. 350v-351r History of another Peter of the desert
  • f. 351v-352 History of another Peter of the desert
  • f. 353-354 History of two brothers who lived in a monastery in Persia
  • f. 355-357r History of Paphnutius the spiritual merchant
  • f. 357v-359r History of a monk who had nine virtues
  • f. 359v-360 History of Ammon
  • f. 361ff. History of a secular person of Antioch
Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana: Orientali 47 1,600 CE Syriac

See entry for Assemani 8; [Bibliographic Record]; [Data Record]

  • f. Iv-IIr Eusebius of Cesarea, Epistle to Carpianus, I
  • f. 1v-2r Eusebius of Cesarea, Genealogy of Christ I
  • f. 2v Eusebius of Cesarea, Genealogy of Christ II
  • f. 3v-4v Eusebius of Cesarea, Epistle to Carpianus II
  • f. 5v-14v Eusebian Canons
  • f. 15r-16r The doctrine which the blessed Theophilus, the virtuous child, received, which was written before the acts of the apostles
Biblioteca Medica Laurenziana: Plutei 1.40 727 CE Syriac

See entry for Assemani 3 and Biscioni 40; [Bibliographic Record]; [Data Record]

  • The Four Gospels 
Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana: Plutei 1.58 900 CE Syriac

See entry for Assemani 2 and Biscioni 58; [Bibliographic Record]; [Data Record]

  • Letter of Eusebius of Caesarea to Carpianos
  • Eusebian Canons
  • The Four gospels