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Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Borg. sir. 83 Unknown Syriac

See entry in Scher

  • Binding
  • Works of Narsai
    • f. 1v-14r On the Divine Revelation to Patriarchs and Prophets (I)
    • f. 14v-27r On the Divine Revelation to Patriarchs and Prophets (II)
    • f. 27v-34v On the Nativity
    • f. 34v-36v Sogitha on Mary and the Magi
    • f. 36r-44r On the Virgin Mary
    • f. 44v-46r Sogitha on Mary and the Angel
    • f. 46r-53v On Epiphany
    • f. 53v-55v Sogitha on Jesus and John the Baptist
    • f. 55v-62v On John the Baptist
    • f. 62v-64v Sogitha on John the Baptist and the Crown
    • f. 64r-74v On Peter and Paul
    • f. 74r-80v On the Four Evangelists
    • f. 80v-85r On Stephen
    • f. 85r-96r On the Three Doctors
    • f. 96r-97v Sogitha on Cyril and Nestorius
    • f. 97v-104r On Lent I
    • f. 104r-111v On the Temptation of Christ
    • f. 111v-113v Sogitha 
    • f. 113v-121r On the Raising of Lazarus
    • f. 121r-127v Against the Jews
    • f. 127v-131v On Palm Sunday
    • f. 133v-141r On Holy Week
    • f. 141v-148v On the Passion
    • f. 148v-155r On the Repentant Thief
    • f. 155v-162v On Mysteries and Baptism
    • f. 162v-168r On the Resurrection
    • f. 168r-170r Sogitha on the Cherub and the Thief
    • f. 170r-178v On the Confessors
    • f. 178v-180v Sogitha on King Shapur and the Martyrs
    • f. 180v-187v On the Three Children
    • f. 187v-193v On the Ascension
    • f. 193v-199v On Pentecost
    • f. 199v-204v Memra of David the Scholastic
    • f. 204v-210v On the Incarnation of Christ
    • f. 210v-215r For Any Saints Day
    • f. 215r-223r On the Departed and the Resurrection
    • f. 224r-233v On the Parable of the Ten Virgins
  • f. 233v-242r Memra of Rabban Gabriel
  • f. 242r-253v Narsai, On the Second Coming
  • f. 261r-261v Narsai, On the Prodigal
  • f. 263r-267v Memra of Rabban Emmanuel on Baptism
  • f. 267v-290r Turgame of the New Testament by Abdisho of Nisibis
  • f. 290r-290v Colophon
  • Binding
Sachau 169; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin 61 1,882 CE Syriac

See entry for Sachau 169. The Hexaemaron of Immanuel, monk and teacher of Dayrā 'ellaytā.

  • f. 15r-28r On the Judgment of Adam and Eve and the serpent
  • f. 28v-42v On the Sabbath day and on the mysteries and types which our Lord visibly depicted
  • f. 43r-62r On the mysteries and types which were depicted about the resurrection in the seven days of creation
  • f. 62v-73v On the searching of the seers about the entrance of the Messiah for the future comfort and expectation to take all the peoples into His dawn which is for our salvation
  • f. 74r-87r On the vision Moses saw on Mt. Sinai
  • f. 87v-107v On the revelation of the Messiah, our Lord, and the repayment of our debts and our freedom from sin through the his venerable governance
  • f. 108r-121r On the signs and wonders and living words of our Lord and our God, the Messiah, for the establishment of the teaching of complete life for by His entrance he was given for the human race 
  • f. 121v-136r On the rest of the living words of our Lord and our savior, Jesus the Messiah, our hope
  • f. 136v-149v On the words of the living hope of the Messiah
  • f. 165v- He shows that the confession of the Messiah is true by the briging forth of its affairs to fruition and it is fitting for the church
  • f. 180r-192r On the resurrection of the body from nature as well as the book
  • f. 192v-206v On the soul and its certainty and changing
  • f. 207r-219v On the future life and repayment which is expected by the lifegiving entrance of our savior