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Manuscript Name / Shelf Mark / Project Number Approximate Date Language The main body text Link to Digitized Manuscript
Vat. sir. 122 769 CE Syriac

See entry in Assemani

  • Binding
  • pp. 1-128 Works of St. Mark the Monk
    • pp. 1-19 Second Sermon
    • pp. 19-26 Third Sermon
    • pp. 26-46 Fourth Sermon
    • pp. 46-83 Fifth Sermon
    • pp. 83-101 Sixth Sermon
    • pp. 101-128 Seventh Sermon
  • pp. 128-192 Works of Isaiah of Gaza
    • pp. 128-133 First Sermon
    • pp. 133-135 The twelve peddlers who sat here said these things
    • pp. 135-139 How the brothers each refrained from supporting themselves
    • pp. 139 On Humility
    • pp. 139-141 Rules to those who renounce the world
    • pp. 141-150 On those things which one hears and sees among the elders
    • pp. 150-157 On perfection
    • pp. 157-165 On Impassibility
    • pp. 165-181 On Impassibility
    • pp. 181-192 On the cognitive faculties
  • pp. 192-235 Works of Macarius the Egyptian
    • pp. 192-205 First Sermon
    • pp. 205-212 Second Sermon
    • pp. 212-221 Third Sermon
    • pp. 221-224 First Epistle
    • pp. 224-226 Second Epistle
    • pp. 226-227 Third Epistle
    • pp. 227-228 Fourth Epistle
    • pp. 228-230 Fifth Epistle
    • pp. 230-231 Sixth Epistle
    • pp. 231-233 Seventh Epistle
    • pp. 233-235 Eighth Epistle
  • pp. 235-278 Works of Macarius the Alexandrian
    • pp. 235-242 Sermon I
    • pp. 242-254 Sermon II
    • pp. 254-260 Sermon III
    • pp. 260-262 Letter I
    • pp. 262-266 Letter II
    • pp. 266-269 Letter III
    • pp. 269-270 Letter IV
    • pp. 270-271 Letter V
    • pp. 271 Letter VI
    • pp. 271-278 Letter VII
  • pp. 278-316 Works of Ammonius Hermeiou
    • pp. 278-279 Letter I
    • pp. 279-281 Letter II
    • pp. 281-284 Letter III
    • pp. 284-286 Letter IV
    • pp. 286-288 Letter V
    • pp. 288-290 Letter VI
    • pp. 290-292 Letter VII
    • pp. 292-293 Letter VIII
    • pp. 293-294 Letter IX
    • pp. 294-295 Letter X
    • pp. 295-296 Letter XI
    • pp. 296-299 Letter XII
    • pp. 299-302 Letter XIII
    • pp. 302-304 Letter XIV
    • pp. 304-316 Letter XV
  • pp. 316-427 Questions of the monks to St. Basil
  • pp. 427-438 Works of Abraham of Nathpar
    • pp. 427-430 Sermon I
    • pp. 430-435 Sermon II
    • pp. 435-437 Sermon III
    • pp. 438 Adnotatio
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 123 700 CE Syriac

​See entry in Assemani

  • Binding
  • f. 1r-115v Gregory of Cyprus, Sermons
  • f. 115v-172v John the Solitary, Sermons
  • f. 172v-185r Abraham of Nathpar, Sermons
  • f. 185r-198v Selections from the Liber Graduum
  • f. 198v-205r Dionysius the Areopagite, Epistle to Timothy on the Martyrs Peter and Paul
  • f. 205r-207v John the Solitary, Sayings
  • f. 207v-241v Apothegmata Patrum
  • f. 241v-246r St. Anthony, Letters to the Brothers
  • f. 246r-255r Teachings of the Egyptian Fathers
  • f. 255r-256v Questions and Answers
  • f. 256v-294v History of the Egyptian Fathers
  • f. 295r-303v John the Solitary, Sermons
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 596 1,917 CE Arabic, Syriac
  • Binding
  • f. 1r-53v Jacob of Edessa, Commentary on the Old Testament
    • f. 1r-20r Genesis
    • f. 20v-32r Exodus
    • f. 32r-39v Leviticus
    • f. 39v-42v Numbers (f. 41rv lacuna)
    • f. 42v-47r Deuteronomy
    • f. 47v-50v Job
    • f. 51r-52r Joshua
    • f. 52v-53v Judges
  • f. 53v-66r Exlanation of difficult Old Testament passages (Ephrem, Jacob, and others) 
  • f. 66r Colophon
  • f. 66v-79r Explanations of various subjects attributed to different authors
  • f. 79v-81v Teaching of the Twelve Apostles
  • f. 81v-83v The Doctrine of Addai
  • f. 83v-84r Twenty Canons of the Apostles
  • f. 84r-85r Six questions and answers of Jacob of Edessa
  • f. 85v-90r Hypomnemata of our Lord
  • f. 90v-99v Two letters of Theodore bar Wahbun
  • f. 99v-105r Prophecies of pagan philosophers
  • f. 105r-111r Chosen words of philosophers teaching wisdom
  • f. 111r Colophon
  • f. 111v-112v Eulogy of Abraham of Nathpar
  • f. 113r Anecdote of Moses bar Kepha by Mar Sawira
  • f. 113v-115r Profession of Faith by Mar Michael
  • f. 115v-116v Questions and answers on ousia
  • f. 117r-120v Legend of Mar Eli al-Hira in Arabic
  • f. 121r-130r History of Yareth the Alexandrian
  • f. 130r Colophon (other colophons found at 66r and 111r)
  • Binding
Vat. sir. 126 pt. 2 1,253 CE Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

pp. 397-end (Begins with Abba Isaiah the Monk)

  • 'Enanisho', Paradise of the Fathers
    • Book 1: Palladius, Bishop of Heleopolis
    • Book 2: Palladius (Begins in this section)
    • ​Lives of the Fathers according to St. Jerome
    • Book 4: Apophthegmata Patrum 
    • Doctrine and Admonitions of the Fathers on the monastic institution
    • Abba Evagrius, Sermons
    • Abba Anthony, Letters to the monastic brothers 
    • St. Macarius of Egypt, sermons
    • St. Macarius of Egypt, epistles
    • St. Macarius the Alexandrian, Sermons
    • Abraham Nathpar, sermons
    • Ammon the monk and Bishop of Oxyrinchus, letters
    • St. Xystus of Rome, sermons
    • John of Dalyatha, sermons
    • Gregory the Monk on the isle of Cyprus, sermons
    • John of Thebes, sermons
    • St. Basil the Great, Monstaic institutions, Questions and answers from the brethren
      • Letter to his brother Gregory of Nyssa
      • Paranaetic Chapter
      • Ascetic Chatper
    • Jacob of Sarug, letter on the ascetic way
      • Letter to an abbot on the soul
      • Letter about the virtuous men
    • Philoxenus of Mabbug, on the one whose desire is changed toward refraining from the priesthood
      • Letter to the monks of Amid
    • St. Ephrem, sermon
    • St. Mark the hermit, paranaetic sermon
Vat. sir. 377 Unknown Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • 'Enanisho', Paradise of the Fathers
    • Abraham of Nathpar, Sermons
    • Ammonius the monk and bishop, Epistles
    • Xystus of Rome, Ascetic Sermons
    • John of Dalyatha, Sermons
    • Gregory the Monk, sermon to monastic fathers and brother
    • Gregory the Monk, Epistle to Theodore the monk
    • Gregory the Monk, On the office of Archimandrite
    • Gregory the Monk, Epistles to Epiphanius
    • Gregory the Monk, Questions and Responses
    • John of the Thebaid, Paraenesis and Hesychia
    • John of the Thebaid, On Prayer
    • John of the Thebaid, When tribulation is intolerable for the soul
    • John of the Thebaid, When there is no need for the body to suffer infirmity
    • John of the Thebaid, On that statement, "Blessed are peacemakers" 
Vat. sir. 419 pt. 1 1,572 CE Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • 'Abdisho', Catholicos of the East, Tractatate on the words of Scripture being as one thing, but signifying another
  • Explanation of difficult words in alphabetical order
  • Abraham of Nathpar, Ascetic sermons
  • Exposition of other words of Scripture meaning something but symbolizing another
Vat. sir. 419 pt. 2 1,572 CE Syriac

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • 'Abdisho', Catholicos of the East, Tractatate on the words of Scripture being as one thing, but signifying another
  • Explanation of difficult words in alphabetical order
  • Abraham of Nathpar, Ascetic sermons
  • Exposition of other words of Scripture meaning something but symbolizing another
Vat. sir. 593 Unknown Syriac
  • Questions and responses of Mar Abraham of Nathpar
  • Various (uncatalogued)