Syriac Liturgy


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I.i (1939): Timothy of Alexandria, Severus of Antioch. I.ii (1940): Gregory of Nazianzus, John Chrysostom, XII Apostles I-II.I.iii (1044): Dioscorus I-II, Cyril.

II.i (1951): Jacob of Serugh I-III, John Saba). II.ii (1953): James I-II, Gregory John).

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*For editions of texts for liturgical use in the Syriac Churches see Baumstark, Comparative Liturgy, Appendix 216–24. Among texts published subsequently are:


Taksa d-quddasha da-shlihe (Milpitas, CA, 1995). [All three E Syriac anaphoras].

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Ktaba da-Qdam wad-Batar (Baghdad, 1983).

Ktaba d-Mazmure d-Dawid w-`ameh ktaba d-metida` da-Qdam wad-Batar d-'itaw(hy) taksa d-tesmesta `i(d)tanayta d-yawmata shime wda-star (Baghdad, 1972).

Taksa da-Mkurya wad-Burraka wad-Kullala wda-Qtar Gnona (Trichur, 1960). [Marriage].

Ktaba d-kurasta d-`anide ..(Baghdad, 1985). [Burial].

Book of the Service of Qurbana of the Dead..with Blessing of the Houses (Trichur, 1984) [Syriac text only; reprinted from 1937 edition].

Ktaba d-takse kumraye (Rome, 1957). [Chaldean ordinations].


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Shimto (Kaslik 1982; 2nd ed.1991). [Weekday Office, Syriac-Arabic].