Isaac of Ninevah

Complete translations

PART I: from Syriac: A.J. Wensinck, Mystic Treatises by Isaac of Nineveh (Amsterdam 1923; Wiesbaden, reprinted 1969).

From Greek: [D. Miller], The Ascetical Homilies of St Isaac the Syrian, translated by the Holy Transfiguration Monastery (Boston, 1984) [Revised edn. 2011].

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PART II: S.P. Brock, Isaac of Nineveh (Isaac the Syrian), the `Second Part', chapters IV–XLI (CSCO 555; Louvain, 1995).

———, "Two Unpublished Texts by St Isaac the Syrian", Sobornost/ECR 19:1 (1997), 7–33 [Part II, Hom.1–2].

(French translation, A. Louf; Russian, H. Alfeyev; Italian, P. Bettiolo; Romanian, I. Ica).

PART III: Ed. + Italian translation, S. Chialà, CSCO 246–7, 2011; French translation, A. Louf (2009).

Selections from Syriac

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From the Russian Philokalia:

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Introductions and Studies

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Critical Edition of the Greek Translation

M. Pirard, Abba Isaak tou Syrou Logoi Asketikoi: Kritiki ekdosi (Mount Athos, Moni Iviron, 2012).