Syriac Bible


Entire Bible (Peshitta)

G. Sionita (Paris Polyglot, 1645).

B. Walton (London Polyglot, 1657).

S. Lee (1823) > United Bible Societies (1979, + Apocrypha).

Urmia edition (1852) > Joseph de Qelayta/Trinitarian Bible Society (1913).

Mosul edition (1887–92) > Beirut (1951) [see Vosté, Studi e Testi 121 (1946)].


Old Testament


Leiden Peshitta Project: Sample Edition [Cant, .Tobit, IV Ezra] (1966).

Vetus Testamentum Syriace I. 1, Gen.-Exod.(1977).

I. 2 & II. 1b, Lev., Deut., Josh. (1991). II. 1a, Job (1982).

II. 2, Judges, Sam. (1978). II. 3, Psalms (1980).

II. 4, Kings (1976). II. 5, Prov., Wis., Qoh., Cant. (1979).

III. 1, Isaiah (1987).

III. 3, Ezekiel (1985). III. 4, XII Proph., Dan. (1980).

IV. 2, Chronicles (1998). IV. 6, Odes, Apocr.Pss, Pss.Sol., Tob., IV. 3, Apoc.Bar., IV Ezra (1973). 1(3) Ezra (1972).

Other critical editions:

Pentateuch (W. Barnes, 1914); Psalms (W. Barnes, 1904); Lamentations (B. Albrektson, 1963); Wisdom of Solomon (J. A. Emerton, 1959); Apocrypha (P. de Lagarde, 1861).


A. Ceriani, Codex Syro-Hexaplaris...(1874).

P. de Lagarde, Bibliothecae Syriacae...(1892).

W. Baars, New Syro-Hexaplaric Texts (1968).

A. Voobus, The Pentateuch in the Version of the Syro-Hexapla..(CSCO Subs.45 1975).

A. Voobus, The Book of Isaiah in the Version of the Syro-Hexapla..(CSCO Subs.68, 1983).

R.J. Hiebert, The Syrohexapla Psalter (1989).


A. Ceriani, in Monumenta Sacra et Profana 5 (1875). [For this version, see R.G. Jenkins, The OT Quotations of Philoxenus (CSCO Subs.84; 1989)].

Jacob of Edessa

For texts: W. Baars, Vetus Testamentum 18 (1968), 548–54; edition of Samuel by A. Salvesen (1999).

Christian Palestinian Aramaic

C. Muller-Kessler and M. Sokoloff, A Corpus of Christian Palestian Aramaic, I: Old Testament and Apocrypha (1997).


New Testament

Diatessaron (excerpted from Ephrem's Commentary (ed. Leloir, 1963):

I. Ortiz de Urbina, Vetus Evangelium Syrorum: Diatessaron Tatiani (Madrid, 1967) [cp review by R. Murray, Heythrop Journal 10 (1969), 43f].

Old Syriac, Peshitta and Harklean Gospels

Comparative Edition, G. Kiraz (4 vols, Leiden, 1996).

Old Syriac

F.C. Burkitt, Evangelion da-Mepharreshe I-II (Cambridge, 1904) - based on C (a further folio of the Curetonian with Luke 16 is published by D. McConaughy, Biblica 68 (1987), 85–8).

A.S. Lewis, The Old Syriac Gospels (London, 1910) - based on S.

For early quotations: cp I. Ortiz de Urbina (above)

For quotations from Acts and Epistles, see J. Kerchensteiner, Der altsyrische Paulustext (CSCO 315, 1970), and Biblica 45 (1964), 63–74.

Whole NT:
  • British and Foreign Bible Society (London, 1920 and reprints)
  • United Bible Society (1979 edn: NT from Lee (1823); 1988– reprints: NT from BFBS edition)
  • The Aramaic New Testament (The Way International, New Knoxville, 1983) [Estrangelo script]
  • Pusey and Gwilliam, Tetraevangelium Syriacum (1901)
  • B. Aland and A. Juckel, Das Neue Testament in syrischer Ueberlieferung, I (Berlin, 1986) [= Catholic Epistles]; II. 1 (1991) [=Romans, I Cor.]; II. 2 (1995) [II Cor.-Col.]

Catholic Epistles (`Pococke Epistles'): J. Gwynn, Remnants of Later Syriac Versions (1909); Apocalypse (`Crawford Apocalypse'): J. Gwynn, (1897).

Whole NT:
  • J. White, Sacrorum Evangeliorum versio Syriaca Philoxeniana..(Oxford 1778)
  • ———, Actuum Apostolorum et Epistolarum...versio Syriaca Philoxeniana (Oxford 1799/1803)
  • B. Aland and A. Juckel, Das NT in syrischer Ueberlieferung [see above: Old Syriac]
  • A. Voobus, The Apocalypse in the Harklean Version (CSCO Subs 56, 1978)
Christian Palestinian Aramaic

C. Muller-Kessler and M. Sokoloff, A Corpus of Christian Palestinian Aramaic. IIA, IIB, The New Testament (1998).

A. Lewis and M. Gibson, The Palestinian Syriac Lectionary of the Gospels (1899).


Translations of Peshitta (none very reliable!)

  • G.M. Lamsa (Philadelphia, 1957; London, 1961)
  • J. Murdock (NT; Boston/London, 1851)
  • A. Oliver (Pss; Boston, 1861)
  • W. Norton (NT Epp.; London, 1890)
  • Good English translation of Old Syriac Gospels by F.C. Burkitt (see above).



General surveys, OT and NT

B. Aland and S.P. Brock, Theologische Realenzyklopadie 6 (1980), 181–96.

S.P. Brock, Anchor Dictionary of the Bible 6 (1992), 794–9.

———, The Bible in the Syriac Tradition (SEERI Correspondence Course 1, Kottayam, 1989).

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M. van Esbroeck, in J. Krasovec (ed.), Interpretation of the Bible (Sheffield/Ljubljana, 1998).


Old Testament

J. Bloch, "Printed Editions of the Peshitta", AJSL 37 (1920/1).

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New Testament

M. Black, "The Syriac Versional Evidence", in K. Aland (ed.), Die alten Uebersetzungen des NT (1972), 120–59.

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